Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Child of mine Continues to AMAZE me!

I love this little boy ever so much! He has the most incredible imagination i have ever seen, After school yesterday and after he did his homework he said he was going outside to make some ROCK FRIENDS, I wasn't quite sure what he was saying and then he came in and asked if I could get him the tape and the sharpie and the rubber bands that Dad has, well when he asked me for the sharpie i had to remind him that we don't draw on the walk way to the house or anywhere on the cement, he assured me he wouldn't, so he was outside for quite awhile oh and i forgot to mention he wanted his bag full of sea shells that he has collected every time we have gone to Rocky Point.. So Boyd and I were on the Couch discussing the day (which really there was nothing to discuss)other then our everyday happenings and job finding, and low and behold Oscar comes in with a grin from ear to ear and says " Look guys these are my Rock Friends! Mom this is you because you have hair and Dad this is you cause you don't have hair!!!!! it was all Boyd and I could do not to chuckle out loud but both looked at each other with amazement of how creative our little boy is and how is comes up with the most remarkable things he is truly a gift from our heavenly father and we love him so much there is never a dull moment in the Shill home with Oscar around! we Love you Oscar!

This is me "cause I have hair"

This is Boyd cause "he has no hair"

And these are just little creature's that he made, one is a Fish and Dragon Fly and I'm not sure what the other one is I will have to ask him when he gets home today! I guess I am going to have to find a nice spot for all of his Rock Friends!


Malissa said...

lol That is very creative!! He's so cute!!

shillibeans said...

What a smartie! We sure love Oscar!

Tracy & Kellie said...

Wow! Isabelle said she likes the rock friends and wants it to be a "chris craft" the next time she comes over. Oh, and tell Oscar hello from her! What an imagination that boy has!!!

Chris and Heather said...

I hope he never loses his imagination! It will take him far. My mom says it is refreshing to see a kid that amuses himself and uses his creativity, instead of bumming in front of the tube. :)

kimmy said...

Oscar is amazing!! an totally so very creative! Tht kid just makes me smile.