Friday, May 30, 2008

Just some fun random pictures of the kids!

Hallie and her cousins after their dance recital, they had so much fun and especially when they went to Disneyland!

Oscar with all his kindergarten class performing on there last day of school.

Oscar with his teachers, Mrs. Stradling whom he loved and Mrs. Eyring who happen to be a friend of ours way back when we first started having kids...

These are Oscar's playmates that he gets to have fun with everyday at Miss Chris's house, they keep each other easily entertained all day..

Oscar and his good friend Izzie, I think he secretly likes her!!! shoo!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elder Shill got Summons!!

I was so pleased to send back this summons and tell them "So sorry out of the country for two years serving an LDS Mission!!!


Loves it!! Can't get peanut butter in Mexico, so he so excited when he gets it in the mail!

A family that he took to get married and then baptised them later, he said it was so awesome and they are such a strong family!! (way cool)

This is the belt buckle that Boyd sent to Zac for his early birthday, he was so excited and said that he got a cool looking belt to go with it!! wow

So is this my missionary? or a Cowboy in Mexico City? He was so excited, a member gave this hat to him to go with his guitar. (go figure) so he's all pumped up to bring the whole shin dig home! we all can't wait...

Friday, May 16, 2008

"GO HALLIE" 3rd Place Ribbon

Congrats Hallie!!! she has worked so hard on her Science Fair project and placed 3rd!! we are so proud of her and all the work she put into it!!! love ya hal!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Thank you Boyd for making the best Dinner ever!! no we didn't have dove, but we had the the best Tri Tip and grilled veggies ever, it was so yummy, and thanks for the coolest swingset ever, that will save my days with all the kids!!! love you

It was so neat to get to talk to Zac, this will be the last time he will get to call. and then he will be home~~ He has grown allot and I am so thankful that these young boys go out and learn and teach all they can and have lasting memories, and then they come home and they are men, Thanks Zac for playing some of your songs to us on the phone, can't wait to hear more when you get home!! love u

I just love my new Storller, Hannah and Billy gave this to me for Mothers Day, i was so excited now I have a stroller at my house to strolle my little grandkids in when I watch them so fun!! Thanks Hannah and Billy...

Thank you Hallie for this presous frame, this is Me and Hallie in the hospital after I had her! Hallie put this neat picture together for me to have... (Hallie you have got to be so creative lately) thanks, Love you..

This is from Oscar so cute! its a Calendar and all the months have his little handprints on it for decoration, he did such a good job and he always tells me he is a "artist" and I do have to admit he does draw very good for a six year old!! Love it Oscar thank you..

I was so excited to get some Hair products from Willie and Camie, my hair so needs them all the time, its great to have someone in the family that can help you with your hair, Thanks guys love u..

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Willie!!!

My First Born!! weighing in at 10pds. 11oz
and yes i did have a c-section after he put me through 19 hours of hard Labor and only diolating to a 3.. was it worth it! YES and I would do it again..

This is Willie at 4 months (do i need to say anymore)! he was a Ton of Fun, and the best tempered baby ever, don't ya just want to squeeze him!

Here he is at Six months, I think this football had something to do with his later years!!

I think this is his sixth grade picture! He's going to kill me for putting this in!

He's Senior picture right before his mission, Willie has always been the gentle giant in our family, he is a peace maker and has set the best example for his younger brothers and sisters, and for Boyd and I, he is a hard worker and has been a great SON to have, we Love you Willie hope your birthday was great you deserve it!! love you Mom!!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

More Picture of Our Missionary!!

I think this is were he gets his haircut

This is Zac Mission President and his wife President and Sister Castillo, they will be leaving in two months Zac is so sad he has been a great Mission President.

This is one of the streets were he's at!

A family that they babtized!