Thursday, August 28, 2008

This Child of mine Continues to AMAZE me!

I love this little boy ever so much! He has the most incredible imagination i have ever seen, After school yesterday and after he did his homework he said he was going outside to make some ROCK FRIENDS, I wasn't quite sure what he was saying and then he came in and asked if I could get him the tape and the sharpie and the rubber bands that Dad has, well when he asked me for the sharpie i had to remind him that we don't draw on the walk way to the house or anywhere on the cement, he assured me he wouldn't, so he was outside for quite awhile oh and i forgot to mention he wanted his bag full of sea shells that he has collected every time we have gone to Rocky Point.. So Boyd and I were on the Couch discussing the day (which really there was nothing to discuss)other then our everyday happenings and job finding, and low and behold Oscar comes in with a grin from ear to ear and says " Look guys these are my Rock Friends! Mom this is you because you have hair and Dad this is you cause you don't have hair!!!!! it was all Boyd and I could do not to chuckle out loud but both looked at each other with amazement of how creative our little boy is and how is comes up with the most remarkable things he is truly a gift from our heavenly father and we love him so much there is never a dull moment in the Shill home with Oscar around! we Love you Oscar!

This is me "cause I have hair"

This is Boyd cause "he has no hair"

And these are just little creature's that he made, one is a Fish and Dragon Fly and I'm not sure what the other one is I will have to ask him when he gets home today! I guess I am going to have to find a nice spot for all of his Rock Friends!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One More Picture "Getting Ready for Deer Hunting"!

He is such a dork! He is getting ready for his Deer hunt and is so excited to go when he gets home, his Dad made the mistake of telling him that they all got drawn for Deer and have there tags ready for when he gets home! Below is some more picture that Zac sent us so fun!

Missionary Moments! some cute pictures!

Elder Shill and Elder Hewitson celebrating Zac's Birthday! he later said the cake wasn't that great and can't wait to get home and have a Real Cake!

Okay! I am not quite sure this looks as good as what Zac says it was! but it is a corn on the cob covered in Mayonnaise, Butter, Cheese and Chile! he said it is delious! we might have to try this one when he gets back, I will let you know then if it in fact is true!

This is one of his Comp that he hasn't seen since he left the MTC, but Zac never said what his name was! This is after they had just listened to Elder Holland which he said was amazing, I might just post some of his remarks later..

Elder Arnett form Mesa Arizona and Elder Hewitson, Zac said he was so excited to see Elder Arnett!

This is the same guys (Elders) Shill, Arnett and Hewitson just messing around on the Teeter Totter

Monday, August 25, 2008


What a crazy busy week we had! My Nephew Rex came home from his mission on Wednesday, And looks great, there is something about a return missionary they just seem like they have a sparkle in their eye and like we all hope that it will stay that way, Rex seems happy and content. Thursday we had George's wedding dinner, Lida put on a Great dinner (thanks to her wonderful sisters)! it was a very nice night other then it was roasting hot where she had the wedding dinner, i won't go into further detail! but everything looked pretty and was well done, Then on Friday we had the Wedding and it was beautiful they are a cute couple it was a fun day but I don't think i would like my kids to be married in August in Arizona it was like 112 that day so not many outside Temple pictures were taken., Friday was the reception and turned out very nice and fun, My brother in-law Ron Willis has a band with a few of his friends and let me tell you they rock it was allot of fun and we got to hear allot of mixture from Three Dog Night to James Taylor and etc.. then to top of the evening my nephew Morgan who is a hoot roasted George and Sang a Neil Diamond song to him (money talks) it was great and we were dying of laughter not to mention he did sound quit a bit like him and was dressed to the tee, i have no picture to post but hopefully someone in my family will, then on Sunday we had a missionary farewell our good friend Kellin Mills is leaving for Connecticut and then we had Rex homecoming also it was a great Sunday, Then we had all of our married kids over for dinner which is always fun, then after we had a great dinner (thank you Boyd) for his great grilling expertise... then we proceeded to go to his Dad were all his family was there with there kids so we had are grand kids and the cousins all together, it's always fun to see Boyd's dad interact with the little kids and talk to them he such a softy at heart and the little kids adore him and he seemed real happy to see my older kids come and visit since they don't get over there to often I'm so glad he doesn't feel to old to be a great grandpa and he is a good grandpa at that, so here is a picture of all the babies and there Moms together and I think they are all under Two.. So this was my week and it will be nice to have somewhat a quite one this week..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It was the BEST "Saturday's Warrior"

So last night for Family Night all of my siblings and there families went and saw Saturday's Warrior/ The White Star, it was the most amazing performance and I absolutely loved the music it makes me want to go buy the CD, The last time I saw this play was when I think I was around 15. I am so glad I took Hallie and went and I am so glad my sister Trish took it upon herself to contact all of us to go, it was amazing and just puts everything into perspective and reminds us why we are here on this earth and where we will be going after we are done here, and how close families can be and to love and help each other, I know that if it comes again I will be inviting my family and friends to go and enjoy this spectacular play, the cast did a great job and you really felt you were apart of them and what they were trying to share with us all...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Happy Birthday Zac! Today is Zac Birthday August 17th weighing in a 6lbs 7oz, My littlest baby turned out to be our tallest child! These are some pictures that he just sent us of how much rain Mexico had got, hum I wonder how his pants are going to hold out these last few months! I am sure he has learned some good washing tips. He has enjoyed his Mission so much and I think he is a little sad to think it will be over in Three Months but at the same time I can tell he is anxious to get home and head to the mountains for some hunting and fishing with Willie and Boyd, in fact he said that's where he wants to go the next day he gets home, I don't think that will happen since he has to speak that Sunday, it will be fun to have him home, and we have truly been blessed as a family having him out in the Field, We Love you Elder Shill and I hope you have a Great and Fun Day for your Birthday..

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So yesterday after school, Hallie and Oscar needed to go be updated on there shots, so why not do it at our friendly Fire Station with our SO FRIENDLY FIREMEN! I told the kids that if they did real good and didn't make a peep we would go get a treat after we were done, they were so good and so didn't even make a peep, the 4th picture I had the firemen pretend to be giving Hallie a shot cause i missed the real one while i was getting a picture of Oscar, Hallie was so embarrassed that i would ask them to do that, but i don't think they minded at all, then they were rewarded with some stickers, tattoos and a real cool firemen hat! The funny thing was that on the way home I was talking to Hallie and I said "ooh I hope they gave you the right shots! (just joking) and Oscar heard and said "Mom Zac my friend well they gave there DOG the wrong shot and it DIED! " quickly I had to cover my words and say Oscar these firemen are professionals and they take care of us and I know they gave you all the RIGHT shots.. kids are so funny and Oscar was so proud of himself for not even crying, but later told me his elbow hurt from the shot! lol..

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This Boy Loves Reptiles!

I guess I have to THANK my Brother Robert and his son Chaz for offering Oscar a chance to have Chaz's Leopard Gecko! Chaz has had it since he was four and decided to pass it down to one of his cousins and Oscar happen to be the lucky one! just what i have always wanted, I see enough of these outside my house (well not the leopard ones) but the friendly house ones that eat all the other bugs and that sometimes will try to escape into the house or surprise us and be in the bathtub. But Oscar is thrilled and so excited to have "Joanna" a part of his life, Lets just hope she doesn't get out and he lets her have reign over the house! thanks Robert for making Oscar's day... next time could you ask me first!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Well lets just say I truly think my kids were excited to start school! alittle nervous but full of excitement! It all started last night, Hallie trying on different outfits oh my I thought i was going to die, Hannah and I just got to the point were we would say say YES wear that, Hallie couldn't decide if she should wear shorts or long pants and what shirt looked the best with shorts, Hannah was laughing Billy was disgusted and said that he hope Avree would not get to that point, Hannah was trying to remind me she wasn't like that starting Jr. High,I had to remind her she was.. finally Hallie picked out what she wanted to wear and all was good, until this morning and the her undershirt was showing to much skin! (which i am so glad that is important to her) so i reminded her that everything was perfect last night and she would be just fine... Oscar was getting his back pack ready last night and setting out his clothes (boys are so easy) he drew a picture for his teacher that he got in primary with a little saying on it (so proud that he is already doing his missionary work) he was all good to go and was so excited to go to school.. We had a great Sunday afternoon with everyone over and after Boyd got back from his meeting at the Church he asked the kids if there was anything special that they thought they needed extra help with this school year! (I love it when he does things like this) after none of them could think of anything or maybe they didn't know quite yet what they needed he asked them if he could give them a school blessing, He has done this with all of my kids from day one when they started the new school year, for those of you that don't know what this is i will try to explain it is just a Fathers blessings and he blesses his children that they can have a good school year and be strong and avoid temptations that are out there in the world and that they will pick good friends and be good friends to all .. ( I wanted to mention this because if you read the Ensign we are suppose to share some of our feelings on are blog about what we do in our Church for others to read, and plus like you all i wanted to use this as one of my journal also..) sorry this is so long.. then off to bed they went and it was a nice quiet evening, Boyd and I watched the Olympics and was so excited to see the mens swim team win it was so close! Oscar was up bright and early to get ready for school and Hallie was up when her alarm went off (i was her alarm) it was a good morning and I can't wait for them to get home, I will miss them they have been allot of fun this summer and we have had a good time being at home, this summer went by way to fast for us all.. I think i will make some cookies for when they get home today!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

School Hair Cuts and a Fun Picture

Well it's that time of year again, Sunday Camie came over and Oscar was so excited cause he knew he was getting his haircut! He loves his hair short and wanted to get it all ready for school, he always tells Camie that his RAT TAIL is growing in the back and it needs to be cut! He is such a fun and cute boy, I couldn't believe all the hair that was on the ground when she finished! Thank you Camie for such a nice hair cut, now he is ready for school!

Hallie also got a cute Haircut from Camie to start her new year at Junior High, we failed to get a before and after picture , but maybe i will do that the first day of school, so I thought I would throw this fun picture of her and her cousin Lauren, they just got through seeing a movie in 3 D and these were the glasses they got! I can't believe school is starting I will miss my kids we have had a fun summer and it went by way to fast..

Monday, August 4, 2008

Missionary Moments!

This is Elder Shill's zone, they all decided to go on a hike for their P-day and well to make a long story short, Zac decided to take two other missionaries and try to go a faster way and to see who could get to the top the fastest! Little did he know that after getting to the top first and then trying to figure out how to get down well they were lost for six hours climbing and crawling through mud and being alittle scared (well not Zac of course he was having a great time) they finally made it down six hours later and ten miles away from the rest of the group!! Zac said it was the " BEST"

So Pretty I never would of dreamed that it looked like this..

Were just glad that all was well and he made it down safe.. Zac said the only thing that would of made it better was if they would have got to spend the night!!!!! yikes what am I going to do with him when he gets home... hopefully he will want to get stright into school!!! He has had the best experiences on his Mission and has grown spiritually from them, in his last Email he talks about trials and how they make you stronger as a Missionary, he loves his Mission and Loves his Savior and is so thankful that he has this oppertunity to go and serve his Savior...

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hurray It's Done!

It's Done and only 9 steps later! This swing set is what I wanted and got for Mother's Day, not only for me but for my kids, my grandkids and my day care kids that I watch! Much to Mr. Boyd's busy schedule back when it was purchased I didn't think I would ever get it put together everyone was busy including Willie and Billy ( i just think they didn't want to do it even though i was offering them a good price! ) So three months later and Boyd being layed off from Lennar were he was a construction super. it finally got put together this weekend, it took almost two days to do it in the 112 degree weather and a few choice words, but I'm happy and all the little kids will be so happy too, best of all I don't have this big huge box in my carport and everyone asking what it is.. Thank you Boyd for doing this for me I know it was not fun for you to put together if only there was a lake in our back yard so he could of done some fishing in between....