Friday, December 19, 2008

" A Christmas Angel"

Where do I start.. I am writing this for myself and my emotions are high.. This morning when i was going out the door to take Oscar to the bus stop there was something that caught my eye as i open the door, A Christmas Angel came and visited the Shill home, things have been alittle not so going our way this year Boyd was layed off back in July and then found work and then was layed off again in November so its been a crazy year, But I know trials our good and I am not angry, Heavenly Father has a plan for all and if I get angry I am not following his plan, well to our surprise this Quad was at the end of our walkway with a bow on it with a few other very nice things attached with a sweet note that said "Because you were all so very good this year, I asked the elves to work extra hard to give you your presents early.. Merry Christmas Love, Santa Clause ho ho ho.... It was way to touching words can't express there were many tears and a prayer in my heart that who ever this kind person or persons were that they and there family would be blessed ten fold.. The look in Oscar and Hallie eyes were priceless and I will always remember this and hope someday I can do the same.. Thank you Santa we love you the Shills..

Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Protect and To Serve!!!!!!!

So this afternoon I was busy in the kitchen getting ready to fix dinner, still had daycare children here minding my own business when Zac walked in the house and said "Mom what is going on outside the house" So I went and looked and this is what I Saw! So of course I grabbed my camera and Zac grabbed his and we started taking pictures through the window, we were a little amused I must say! So this Lady (which i thought was a man at first) was sitting on the sidewalk, well of course it was the perfect time to take out some trash as i walked outside i heard the Police officer ask her "why did you try to run from the policeman, well she denied ever so doing that, then they had her come over to our driveway and they gave her a sobriety test! yep and as they were telling her to put one foot in front of the other she proceeded to PEE herself on my driveway! well they kept asking her questions and what her name was and she kept saying "you know what my name is you have my insurance card" well obvious she was drunk!!!!! I guess she side swiped a car and then took off and the police were right behind her.. as i was seeing this all happen in my driveway i really did feel sorry for her and thought she probably lives by herself and has no one to take care of her, I wanted in my heart to take her some dry clothes to put on (it was freezing outside) but knew I cannot interfere with the Law.. when i looked out again they had her in handcuffs and the tow truck was loading her car on the ramp, well the officers never knock at my door to tell me there was pee on my driveway (i know rude huh) so i went and sprayed it all off after they left.. and then i was telling the men of my house that i felt sorry for her, and especially being so close to Christmas. And then Zac and Boyd and well myself said she shouldn't be driving on the road and dangering someone else's life so it was a good thing that the officer's did what they did...To protect and to serve......

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Last Choir Concert for the Year...

Monday was Hallie's last concert for the year, she is in the Vivace Vocalist and has absolutely loved it , she has had allot of fun being in the same class with allot of her friends, a few weeks ago she was ready to be done with choir and was looking forward to be in an art class next semester but after this concert she had a change of heart and wants to continue it next semester as well, I guess if you quit then next year when she is in 8th grade you have to start at the beginning again and she would really like to move up to the next group, we are proud of you Hallie and have enjoyed going to hear you sing...Thanks Hannah and Zac for coming and enjoying it with us..just think you have next year to look forward too also...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Trying to decide if this Tradition should keep going!!!

The Shill's Gingerbread House

Willie and Camie and Vance's House

The Baker's, Billy and Hannah and Avree

Avree, Uncle Willie and Vance

Hannah and Avree getting ready to start their house!

The Bakers

The Competition begins!

Going pretty good everyone is excited and into it.....

Then Hallie backs out and is annoyed with Zac....

Vance is having a good time in his new little Christmas P.J's....
Zac putting way to much thought in and Hallie laughing at his silliness actually we were all laughing.. Oscar opt out of helping, he wanted to be the judge, Zac was trying to hurry so he could go hang with his friends..... and so he just started slopping the frosting on and throwing candy on and some ran to their bedrooms mad, cause they wanted to have the best house and someone was not wanting to cooperate, so then the fun began and well this is what we got for our house...

This is our lovely Gingerbread house...

The picture are sort of out of order, but here is Zac trying to master the house with much intent...

Working good with each other and having the best time..

Here he is the boy we have been waiting for, for two years to be here for Christmas and to bring laughter into all the Holiday events take place during Christmas with our families.. by the time we were all done and Zac was out the door, Our house took last place and Hallie and Oscar were not liking this evening, but all and all it was a blast and we had a great time and we are so thankful that we have Zac here to celebrate this Christmas Time with us... despite the Gingerbread house making.....

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Happy Day's for Hallie

So today was Hallie's Big day! She finally got her BRACES on and I think she was pretty miserable afterwards.. No more carmel,gum,ice, and probably anything that would probably taste good at Christmas Time, but I told her it would be all worth it in the end.. This will be so much fun.. You look so cute Hallie...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Shill Family Little People Nativity!

So we had the Shill Family annual Nativity with the Grandchildren (note there are none of my older Children participating) hum wonder why maybe of age difference.. But Zac did get to read a few scriptures for us, But we still get to have Oscars participate in the events, so fun and many laughs and the longest Nativity that I've been to, but the Little ones had fun and I was so worried that our Baby Jesus was going to get trampled and we had an upset Shepperd and a very handsome wise man and some gorgeous Angels and and very cute Mary, it was a fun night and it will even be more fun as the family grows.....

Friday, December 5, 2008

Father Son bonding Hunt!!

Dad getting ready to shoot a deer and Willie just glassing for some bucks!

Zacs first couse deer he shot it on opening morning twenty minutes into the hunt one shot, He was so Happy and Happy that he hadn't lost his touch for shooting since the Mission, now we have some meat in the fridge, This is why we had Thanksgiving on Wednesday and this is also why my decorations were delayed from getting down, but to see them enjoy each other and have some Father Son bonding it was all worth it...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Save the Ta-tas...

So this might not be the most proper post! But I promised my good friends Melissa, Christy and Kimmie that I would put this shirt on and take a picture for them, it might have to be my new cleaning shirt beings that I don't know if I should wear it out in public! But I had a good laugh and they told me I should be proud to wear this because I am a survivor! So thanks good friends for giving me a good laugh today! And hopefully those that give me strange looks will understand the fun shirt that I have on!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Prince Family Thanksgiving! So much fun!

I wish Thanksgiving could be done in too different segments! There's so many choices and so much its just too hard to taste it all, but what I did taste, It was so yummy.. I do have to say we do have some great cooks in our family and all the deserts were to die for...

Thank you Catherine and Eugene for getting all of our Thanksgiving pictures on a disk, We can always count on them to get the pictures of every Family event... you guys are awesome..

My Niece Janie and Ayson and my wonderful Mom.

Oscar enjoying his Thanksgiving Feast!

Zac, Vance, Willie, Rex and Jay..

Hallie, Jaylynn and Lauren getting ready to play some Dodge Ball!

The spectators waiting to watch the big Dodge Ball game.

Kim and Macy, Lisa, Kim, Camie and Mallissa

Playing Dodge Ball, they had so much fun.

Dad, Mom, Avree, Hannah and Billy

Willie sharing with Vance some Thanksgiving Pie!

Hammered after a game of ball!

Trying to work off that Thanksgiving Dinner!

The Sista incharge! You did a great job Lida we all vote you in for next year too!

My wonderful Parents who are responsible for all of us, and for making it possible for us to be together as a family and who have been great examples to all of us, We love you Dad and Mom and we are so thankful that you are here this Thanksgiving Day..