Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time for Me to Celebrate 5 years cancer FREE!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween to Knife cutting to Hay Ride!

Grandpa Shill, Hallie and Boyd after the Hay Ride.

Boyd's sister Elyce was here visiting from Colorado so we all went on a Hay Ride down in Lehi, here are some of the nieces and nephews and siblings of Boyd's on the ride, it was allot of fun and the weather was perfect, afterwards we all had some yummy cookies that Megan had made and some delightful Brownies that Grandma Shill had made, it was a great night.

Yes this is Zac's thumb, he went on a Deer hunt and was helping a guy out with his Deer and started skinning the Deer when his knife got the best of his Thumb, this picture looks better then it actually did, I was glad that my two son's were wise and decided to go to the Fire station and have them take a look at it, there was nothing they could do at that point with the piece that was missing! But they cleaned it up really good and then bandaged it up, but that didn't keep them from heading for home, nope they stayed for the evening hunt and got another deer and then came home late that night, I was privileged to have Zac actually bring me the other piece of his thumb home, (sick). I'm just glad that it was not worse and that there was no infection that followed..

Hallie and her two cousins, minus two more friends the Halloween Nerds!

My cute little Trick or Treaters, aren't they cute, I think these are the cutest little grand kids ever (little predigest) they were so much fun Halloween night.

Here are my two biggest Trick or Treaters, Oscar a red eye glowing alien and Hallie and her friends dressed up as nerd they had a great time, thanks to Grandma Prince for having a yummy Chile dinner before the kids headed out for there candy fest. Oscar ended his night at Boyd's parents for some good pizza and homemade donuts...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Mintute decision! Fun time for October Break

This guy informed me that this is the place were we need to live, he has been coming down since he was a baby, celebrates his B-day here every March and wants a Blue house with a Yellow roof, I am sure it won't be hard to find one.. He always meets a friend or two while we are there, which is always fun for him, this time he meet Paul he is from Phoenix and his parents come down allot so maybe he will get to see him again.

Hallie is getting older so its alittle more difficult to entertain the older girls, they did have a good time and Hallie did get to stay a few more days longer.

Since we have been going down this has been our favorite place to get flour tortilla's they are the best, we love them and seems like we don't get enough of them while we are there, Boyd enjoyed himself, read a thick book in two days and then got sick the other two, so we didn't see to much of him on the beach, but he was fine with that, he did take Oscar and walked the beach looking for some fun shells and other creatures but that's about it, i do have to say he is not much of a water person..

My Sister called and asked if we wanted to go down and spend a few day in Rocky Point and I said are you serious, we hadn't planned anything for October Break and it was a Friday and we had like two hours to get everything arranged and packed, we grabbed food out of the fridge and i had to hurry and arrange for someone to do my daycare, luckily Camie was so kind enough to do it for me, we left at 7:00 and got there around 10:30 it was great, we forgot a few things but nothing we couldn't live without, the weather was amazing it was beautiful with an amazing breeze the whole time we were there, I like Oscar could stay there forever it is so quite and relaxing and you have each other to enjoy without the feeling of being busy, busy , busy... Thanks Janene for letting us have a great 4 days in Rocky Point....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Loved this Video, hope you do too!

I saw these picture's last night at YW and I couldn't believe the impact that they had on you as you were looking at them, very touching. Mark Mabry was doing a Fireside at our ward building..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Different Happenings in the Shill Home...

I haven't posted for awhile, not much really is going on. I had girls camp in August, it was allot of fun I haven't been back to camp since i went when i was in Mutual well thats what we called it back in my days now it is call Young womens, the girls were allot of fun to be around and they keep you young, the beds were alittle to be desired and i couldn't wait to get home to my own, the food was good as i have always heard and the weather was lame it was so hot and yes i did survive the three hour hike and i did pay for it when i got home, so tired and sore muscles... but I had a great experience and look forward to next year.. This is Oscar's Sunday fun he gets out all of his sea creatures and bug and makes them a home and then we get to come out and see what he has done, this boy has such the imagination i love it, he keeps me smiling i am so glad he would rather do this then watch TV and play video games all day he is so fun to have around.. Then i have these two big guys that have been bird hunting everyday since Dove season has opened, for some reason my kitchen sink was the place to clean these birds everyday, but i will say they did clean up there mess too, so we have like 4 gallon size bags in the freezer so if anyone wants some dove just give me a call?? Well another thing that has been going on with me for some odd reason i got SHINGLES here is alittle something about them..Shingles occurs when the virus that causes chickenpox starts up again in your body. After you get better from chickenpox, the virus "sleeps" (is dormant) in your nerve roots. In some people, it stays dormat forever. In others, the virus "wakes up" when disease, dress, or aging weakens the immune system. It is not clear why this happens. But after the virus becomes active again, it can only cause shingles, not chickenpox. So there is alittle 101 on Shingles, let me tell you it was the most painful thing i have done there is a prescription med that you can take but you have to make sure you take it within 48 of the rash, and then there is some amazing pill that you can take its call Vicadin that helps you get through all this without these two things i think i would ask to be put out.. I feeling somewhat better it takes time they say from anywhere from three weeks to three Months i don't want to go into the months, and I don't want it to come back so does anybody have any good ideas on not having stress or any of the other symptoms in your life:) things are looking up though which i feel blessed...

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Zac....

Today is this big boy's birthday, Were pretty glad he went to a Spanish speaking Mission, now we just hope he will use it often and have it help him in his career??

Always wanted to be a cowboy, and sometimes he dreams of riding a bull, I told him it wasn't in our blood but he can pretend to do anything he wants...

This is one of the things that he enjoys doing and he did catch us allot of fish while we were in Greer..

Loves his Nieces and Nephew and love's it when they come over to visit, he is a Great Uncle to them and has fun teasing and playing and tiring them out.

But this is the Love of his life right now!!!! He would rather be hunting and scouting and glassing for his up coming hunts then even think about having another comp. by his side, but I keep telling him you can't be Happy unless you find the one you love for ever.... so hopefully after all these hunts that are coming up he might look into that.. We love you Zac have a great birthday...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School

SO sad to send this fun little boy off to school, i will miss his hugs and kisses through out the day and all of his inventions that he has done through the summer, he truly entertains us all, I know he will be fine at school but will be anxious to come home and play, Mom loves you Oscar have a great year in the second grade..

I will surely miss this young lady! She has been the biggest help to me all summer, it was nice to have someone that I knew i could leave my daycare kids with and they would be fine while I had to run errands, or have Dr. appt to go too, She is a special girl in our family, she is our peacemaker and we love her, she will have a great year starting in the eighth grade she has good friends to have fun with. Have a great year Hallie I will miss having you here.

Oscar is not to sure about starting back at least that's what it looks like in this picture! the other two boys are ones that i have had in my daycare since they were 18 mo and a new born and now they are off to school, i will still get to have them in my home after school for alittle bit, they are good boys and are nice to have around, I can't believe they are in school all day now, Dewey will start 5th grade and Emett is in all day kindergarten..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet the Teacher Day/ Friends Day fun Day

Meet Mrs. Sanders, she will be Oscar's new second grade teacher, she seems really nice and I hope that he has a great school year, allot of his friends happen to be in his class along with one of his cousin, Preston, he was so excited.. I will miss this little boy he is so much fun to have around but he is ready for school to start and I think we are all ready to be on somewhat of a schedule..

Hallie's cousins and two of her good friends surprised her and showed up with a Cake and to hang out for the day, Hallie was gone on her Birthday day to Canada so they all wanted to do something before school started, she was surprised and I had to endure the noise that came with it, they are all a bunch of good girls that like to have fun, Julia my Niece made this cute little cake for them all to enjoy, she does a pretty good job, thanks girls for coming and spending the day with Hallie...


Makes me want to go and take classes, Thanks Julia

Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Shout out to Hallie!!

Happy fourteenth Birthday to this beautiful girl, she has grown into a young lady and is so much fun to have around, we will be missing her this day as she is on her way home from being in Canada for the last ten days, she has been having allot of fun and seeing some pretty country with her sister and family. I can't believe how the time has gone by and watching Hallie grow over the years, she is a big help to her mom and family, loves the new little babies that her siblings keep having, she is a great friend to all her friends and cousins, we are so blessed to have her in our home, Dad and I love you Hallie Happy Birthday today....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Boyd's Dad!! and Glad this week is over!!

A big Birthday wish to Bob, Boyd's dad, they had all the fam over for Dinner last Sunday and we cooked up most of the Trout that we brought back with us from Greer, it was very yummy and delish, there was quite the gang there between my family and grand kids and all of Boyd's siblings not to mention allot of body heat the heated up the house, the noise level was a tad hi but it was a fun night to celebrate with all.

Karen brought in more furniture, so we had wall to wall sitting, first time ever...

Also this week I had my annual mammogram, not my most favorite thing to get done. I stress over it for weeks until its time to go in, I don't know why i let it bother me so much but it's overwhelming for me to want to go in and get it done. They have a new way of doing it now where they take digital pictures I was able to see the pictures that they took, not that i knew what to look for but it was very interesting, then you wait and wait till they come back with the results and this time they said we need to take more picture but on your right side! i was like my right side that wasn't even the side that i had my cancer in so then that made me sweat some bullets, she said the Dr. saw something that he didn't see the time before, so they took two more pictures. The whole time i was waiting i was praying too, I just wanted to run out of the building and not hear any of the results that's how scared i was... The Nurse came out with her arms in the air and with a big smile and told me it was all good and there was nothing there, that was the best news, so I'm good to go for another year, maybe i will get to the point were i don't get so scared..... so here is the paper that they gave me!! whoo hoo...


Monday, July 13, 2009

My agony of No See- Um Bites!

So over the Fourth we went to Greer! had a lovely time until THIS! a few days after we had got back my ankles and legs just started itching like no other, I was so miserable and it was driving me nuts.. had allot of medical advice from everyone and noting seem to help, first started out taking benedryl and putting cortisone creme on them then then it went to using caladryl both the pink kind and clear somewhat relief and then by Saturday I could not stand it any longer and finally checked me into a Dr. I told him I went fishing down by the stream and this is what happen to me a few days later, I said I thought they were no- see um bites and he looked at me pretty funny and started laughing, like i was crazy (it was a fun laugh) I know Ariz. doesn't have chiggers so Boyd said that his Grandpa always called them no see- ums I told the Dr. I was serious and that he could learn all about them on google! any who we had some good laughs but he knew i was miserable so he told me i need a stronger antihistamine and a steroid for the swelling and then told me to get some Aveno to put on them, they are finally feeling better as long as i take the antihistamine for the itching, but it makes me pretty tired but thats okay i am always ready for a good night sleep, nothing less i am just glad that i am finally feeling alittle relief, I learned a valuable lesson and that is always spray on the DEET bug spary before you go near the water..... never again will I go without doing this I was one MISERABLE girl....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1fish-2 fish-3 fish -fifty

Here we are in the Beautiful land of Greer Arizona were we spent the Fourth of July weekend. Needless to say it was very hard to want to come home, the weather was perfect the highs 75 and the low 60's what better could you ask for. The kids and Adult kids had a grand time, we fished at sheep's crossing every day and had our limit, we ended up coming home with fifty trout! yum, can't wait to put them on the grill and cook them up, Everyone hated to come home to 115 temp. We all can't wait to go back again...

Boyd and Oscar with there catch for the morning..

Hallie and I caught these fish all by ourselves, this was my lucky green shirt, when I didn't wear it I caught NO fish when I wore it I always caught some fish, Hallie and I had a great time being fishing buddies....

On the way to the creek we saw these herd of Elk off to the side of road.

Here is the gang plus one, Zac's friend Matt they caught all of these one of the afternoons we were there..

It had been pouring down rain, that is why we are wearing these nice fashionable rain poncho's.

Hallie and Oscar, they both had the best of time..

Boyd showing Oscar how to gut and clean the fish, Oscar was in heaven getting to use his pocket knife..

Zac's catch of the day, it was our last day there. We actually went up for the Archery shoot at sunrise, but ended up fishing most of the time...