Thursday, October 15, 2009

Last Mintute decision! Fun time for October Break

This guy informed me that this is the place were we need to live, he has been coming down since he was a baby, celebrates his B-day here every March and wants a Blue house with a Yellow roof, I am sure it won't be hard to find one.. He always meets a friend or two while we are there, which is always fun for him, this time he meet Paul he is from Phoenix and his parents come down allot so maybe he will get to see him again.

Hallie is getting older so its alittle more difficult to entertain the older girls, they did have a good time and Hallie did get to stay a few more days longer.

Since we have been going down this has been our favorite place to get flour tortilla's they are the best, we love them and seems like we don't get enough of them while we are there, Boyd enjoyed himself, read a thick book in two days and then got sick the other two, so we didn't see to much of him on the beach, but he was fine with that, he did take Oscar and walked the beach looking for some fun shells and other creatures but that's about it, i do have to say he is not much of a water person..

My Sister called and asked if we wanted to go down and spend a few day in Rocky Point and I said are you serious, we hadn't planned anything for October Break and it was a Friday and we had like two hours to get everything arranged and packed, we grabbed food out of the fridge and i had to hurry and arrange for someone to do my daycare, luckily Camie was so kind enough to do it for me, we left at 7:00 and got there around 10:30 it was great, we forgot a few things but nothing we couldn't live without, the weather was amazing it was beautiful with an amazing breeze the whole time we were there, I like Oscar could stay there forever it is so quite and relaxing and you have each other to enjoy without the feeling of being busy, busy , busy... Thanks Janene for letting us have a great 4 days in Rocky Point....