Monday, June 30, 2008


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Over the Top! The Greatest Show on Earth!

Hallie and Oscar watching the Elephants get there bath! Hallie was a little digusted to see how large their POOP was and then to watch as the workers scooped it up with the largest shovel ever and then put it in a wheel barrow! It was amazing... just ask her! ha

Washing The Elephants!

So on Sat. we took the kids and went to the Circus! It was amazing, I haven't been forever and it was very entertaining.. Before we went in we got to see the workers bathe the Elephants before they went inside to performe, they had these high power hoses and steal wire brushes and the Elephants just laid there while they scrubed away, A Lady that was there said she comes all the way from Glendale every year just to watch the Elephants get washed and then she takes allot of pictures and then goes home, she said she never goes into the Circus to watch the performance, interesting.. The kids had fun and Oscar even saw Two of his little cousins Tillman and Easten there with there Grandpa Crandall, I will post those picture's as soon as Hannah comes over and does them for me in book form, there are to many for me to show now, all and all it was fun and i think I would like to go back in a couple of years..

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Missionary Moments!

So this is a clown that came to the baptism to entertain the kids after it was all over, Zac said that the ward does this for the kids! I asked Zac why and he said "Mom its Mexico: hum I wonder if they would do that here! ha

Playing a little football but we call it (Soccer) here, Zac said they all look forward to this on their P-day and now they have a big tournament coming up..

A Family that he baptised

Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy 80th Birthday Dad and Mom!

We had an 80th birthday dinner for my Dad and Mom at my sister's Janene's house and all of my brothers and sister were there to help celebrate, well except for one and that was my oldest sister Kaylynn who lives in Utah, it was a deliouse dinner and we had some yummy desserts, it was a fun night of telling stories and updating everyone on each of our families, all and all I think everyone is doing great and Dad and Mom should be proud of there kids, and us kids are Thankful for having such loving and caring and wonderful parents who has been a great example to all of us, Thanks Dad and Mom and Happy Birthday....

What Fun little Cousins and One Awesome Great Grandma

Avree and Vance hanging out at Grandma's with Aunt Hallie!

We all can't believe how big Avree looks up next to Vance, So fun...

What an Awesome Great Grandma, she has been the best example to all of us raising us and teaching us many amazing things, Vance is Grandma's 76 Great Grandchild!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What would we do without our Missionary!!!

Zac was showing us his GREAT Tan line!! Sure hope he is using sunscreen!!

Washing his own clothes, I can't even imagine doing that, what great things Missions do to teach our kids to survive!! I did notice though that I love using that same soap that he is, you can get it at Walmart or Food City and it cleans your clothes really good and also has a great smell too!!

What A great looking Elder! Who wouldn't let this Man into there house!!! 5 more months and he will be home, I can't believe how fast these few months have gone by!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Grandpa and Avree ready to do a Barbque!!

Grandpa taking Avree with him to help him put the braughts on the grill!

Grandpa wasn't hurrying so I think Avree got alittle aggressive with the tongs!! she so sweet...

Straight from Heaven and as precious as he could be!!!

Everyone took turns holding little Vance, we all couldn't get enough of him, We are so thankful he is here safe and sound, He is the sweetest little guy ever!!

Oscar had so much fun at the Hosptal introducing Vance to all the Spongebob Square pants characters, I think some of them might of gave Camie some discomfort when it came time to sleep! I think our little Oscar is going to quite the artist when he gets older, but thats okay he will take after his Dad and brothers!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Crazy Week

Have no picture's yet, but just wanted to post and say what a crazy busy week this was... Boyd and i and Hallie all had to give talks in Church sunday and lets just say i am glad it is behind me, Just the worries that go along with giving talks and all, and making sure it all ties in with with they give you for a subject. Then today Camie went in to have little Vance or should i say big Vance so we are waiting patiently for his arrival, sure hope we get a call in the night or early morning! I love this Grandma thing and get to be another one in Febuary, so that will give us three, makes me so happy!! Are family is growing and will still continue to grow with three more kids in the waiting!! yes we will be old when it comes to our last one to leave for a Mission and then come home and start his family, but hoprfully Boyd and i will have it all together still!!!lol.. keep you all posted on upcoming events in the Shill house!!!