Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time for Me to Celebrate 5 years cancer FREE!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween to Knife cutting to Hay Ride!

Grandpa Shill, Hallie and Boyd after the Hay Ride.

Boyd's sister Elyce was here visiting from Colorado so we all went on a Hay Ride down in Lehi, here are some of the nieces and nephews and siblings of Boyd's on the ride, it was allot of fun and the weather was perfect, afterwards we all had some yummy cookies that Megan had made and some delightful Brownies that Grandma Shill had made, it was a great night.

Yes this is Zac's thumb, he went on a Deer hunt and was helping a guy out with his Deer and started skinning the Deer when his knife got the best of his Thumb, this picture looks better then it actually did, I was glad that my two son's were wise and decided to go to the Fire station and have them take a look at it, there was nothing they could do at that point with the piece that was missing! But they cleaned it up really good and then bandaged it up, but that didn't keep them from heading for home, nope they stayed for the evening hunt and got another deer and then came home late that night, I was privileged to have Zac actually bring me the other piece of his thumb home, (sick). I'm just glad that it was not worse and that there was no infection that followed..

Hallie and her two cousins, minus two more friends the Halloween Nerds!

My cute little Trick or Treaters, aren't they cute, I think these are the cutest little grand kids ever (little predigest) they were so much fun Halloween night.

Here are my two biggest Trick or Treaters, Oscar a red eye glowing alien and Hallie and her friends dressed up as nerd they had a great time, thanks to Grandma Prince for having a yummy Chile dinner before the kids headed out for there candy fest. Oscar ended his night at Boyd's parents for some good pizza and homemade donuts...