Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disneyland Trip 2010

Starting our day at
Disneyland and having this cute lady in front of us made me feel under dressed for the the long day ahead of us, somewhere between Mesa and California my HAT got lost! this was the beginning of our day!

Hallie and Oscar anxiously awaiting to go to our first ride for the day which was Peter Pan! I will explain later!

Second day at the beach, and it was FREEZING COLD not to mention the WIND blowing the whole time we were there, the kids had fun playing in the sand and letting the waves catch there feet, it was a great day!

Hallie and Nixyn playing in the water!

Willie and Vance sifting through the sand. I have more picture to come but my computer was being extremely slow i will post more later.
So we did a neat thing this time, my sister told me about a program call ridemax, you program all your rides and the time you want to be a Disneyland and when you want to take your break and then it figures out what time you should be at each ride, and when to go get your fast passes, it was pretty neat and really worked and we got to ride on all the rides that we wanted with barely any wait time at all, like maybe 15 min at the most it was really cool! we had a great time and it was fun to be with all of our kids well minus Zac, maybe next time!