Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy Anniversary Billy and Hannah

Today Feb. 28th is Billy and Hannah's One year Anniversary, Just want them to know that we love them and we hope they have a Great and Fun Day!!!

Happy Birthday Hannah ( if you click on the Pic. you get a much better view!)

So i'm am a couple days late doing this, but I wanted to give Hannah a Happy Birthday shout! She was born the 24th of Feb. And all I can say is that she was the Cutest baby ever with the LONGEST eyelashes, The nurses could not believe when she arrived how beautiful she was and how long her eyelashes were, they said "We have never seen a baby born with those kind of lashes" and her little girl has taken right after her mom!
I actually scanned these pictures so they look alittle small, but just another pic. of hannah with her Big and I mean he was Big! Brother Willie
She was always so good to let me do her hair! wink, Thanks Hannah for always being patient with mom and letting me do my dews!! to your hair, wouldn't have happen now!
Then they get older and our ready to move on and start their own family for Eternity!
And here she is with her little girl Avree, And i think Hannah would tell everyone it was all worth it!! WE LOVE YOU HANNAH, Happy Birthday

Monday, February 25, 2008

This is a True BLONDE!!!!

This is my sweet Hallie, fun, loving, caring and allot of laughs!! Look what this sweet girl did today.. Hallie came in this morning and said "Mom what shoe looks better?" so i told her the black one, and so the rest tells the story......

So this is what Hallie ended up going to School like this morning and didn't even know she did it, until her friend said Hallie why do you have two diffrent pairs of shoes on!!! Then her teacher asked her the same thing!!oops.. Luckely a friend of hers had an extra pair of shoes in her back pack and let Hallie wear them the rest of the day!!! I sooo laughed when she came home and told me... Good memories for Hallie...glad it just happen in grade school!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


On Friday Oscar had his cousin Preston, to come and play after school, and as soon as they walked in the house out came the Pirate outfits!! They had the best time together, it was so fun to watch we are so glad we have him I think it keeps Boyd and I feeling young, thanks Preston for making a fun afternoon with Oscar.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Have you Ever Watched a Dog Bury a Bone???

It might be a little boring!! but was pretty entertaining to all of us on Sunday after we were done with dinner, We gave Jack (our dog) who everyone else loves besides me.. Boyd grilled some delious! Ribs that were to die for all you have to do ask him and everyone else there were not many left so we shared the bones with Jack and Fritz (Camie and Willie's Dog) and it was a site to see.. might be boring to you all but was so funny to watch these two dogs with there bones, I have never seen a dog actually bury a bone other then watching it on a Cartoon on T.V. I do have to say it was pretty entertaning... Enjoy

This is what Sunday's are all about after Church of course!!

This is our next Big Hunter in the Shill Family

My Boy's haveing a great time together!
Hallie wondering if she should do this or keep on with her singing and danceing talents!!
I think she decided to stick with doing this "Being with her favorite Niece"

Monday, February 11, 2008

What a "Burro"

And here i thought this whole time he was teaching the people of Mexico!!
One, of many of his fun days out in field!! cute though huh!!
What a handsome Missionary! I think the little mark on his pants is one of his fine mending jobs!! What a pretty sunset in the back ground!!
We are so lucky to live in the places that we do, this just amazes me, and at the ame time all the walking that they do on those kind of roads, its already making my feet hurt!
This is one of his highlights of the day to see that on the back of someone window! All his hunting buddies will appriciate that! for all that don't know what "Mathews" is, its a brand name of a Bow! Didn't mean to bore you!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Mom asking Oscar: Did you write your name here?
Oscar: AH AH yes...

Mom: why would you do that by are front door?
Oscar: Mom (long pause) so my " Friends" would know that this is where I Live!!!!
okay so after that comment how could i even get mad!!! We Love you Oscar

Monday, February 4, 2008

After 15 Months Look what I Found!!

Many Miles of walking on the streets of Mexico..
Traveling to my new area after being in one place for seven months.
And it was worth the three hour bus ride to find this in a store!!
Nothing makes a Missionary more happy to finally have a "DEW" after fifteen months in the field!!!