Monday, August 25, 2008


What a crazy busy week we had! My Nephew Rex came home from his mission on Wednesday, And looks great, there is something about a return missionary they just seem like they have a sparkle in their eye and like we all hope that it will stay that way, Rex seems happy and content. Thursday we had George's wedding dinner, Lida put on a Great dinner (thanks to her wonderful sisters)! it was a very nice night other then it was roasting hot where she had the wedding dinner, i won't go into further detail! but everything looked pretty and was well done, Then on Friday we had the Wedding and it was beautiful they are a cute couple it was a fun day but I don't think i would like my kids to be married in August in Arizona it was like 112 that day so not many outside Temple pictures were taken., Friday was the reception and turned out very nice and fun, My brother in-law Ron Willis has a band with a few of his friends and let me tell you they rock it was allot of fun and we got to hear allot of mixture from Three Dog Night to James Taylor and etc.. then to top of the evening my nephew Morgan who is a hoot roasted George and Sang a Neil Diamond song to him (money talks) it was great and we were dying of laughter not to mention he did sound quit a bit like him and was dressed to the tee, i have no picture to post but hopefully someone in my family will, then on Sunday we had a missionary farewell our good friend Kellin Mills is leaving for Connecticut and then we had Rex homecoming also it was a great Sunday, Then we had all of our married kids over for dinner which is always fun, then after we had a great dinner (thank you Boyd) for his great grilling expertise... then we proceeded to go to his Dad were all his family was there with there kids so we had are grand kids and the cousins all together, it's always fun to see Boyd's dad interact with the little kids and talk to them he such a softy at heart and the little kids adore him and he seemed real happy to see my older kids come and visit since they don't get over there to often I'm so glad he doesn't feel to old to be a great grandpa and he is a good grandpa at that, so here is a picture of all the babies and there Moms together and I think they are all under Two.. So this was my week and it will be nice to have somewhat a quite one this week..


Hannah, Billy and Avree Baker said...

Busy week it was, but fun.

Katie said...

I'm sad we missed the reception! Especially Morgan's performance. I hope someone recorded it! We never even heard when Rex's homecoming was. Oh well. I bet they are all glad to start a new week with a little less to do!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a busy week! I am tired just hearing about it! Sounds like fun though.