Thursday, June 3, 2010

Disneyland Trip 2010

Starting our day at
Disneyland and having this cute lady in front of us made me feel under dressed for the the long day ahead of us, somewhere between Mesa and California my HAT got lost! this was the beginning of our day!

Hallie and Oscar anxiously awaiting to go to our first ride for the day which was Peter Pan! I will explain later!

Second day at the beach, and it was FREEZING COLD not to mention the WIND blowing the whole time we were there, the kids had fun playing in the sand and letting the waves catch there feet, it was a great day!

Hallie and Nixyn playing in the water!

Willie and Vance sifting through the sand. I have more picture to come but my computer was being extremely slow i will post more later.
So we did a neat thing this time, my sister told me about a program call ridemax, you program all your rides and the time you want to be a Disneyland and when you want to take your break and then it figures out what time you should be at each ride, and when to go get your fast passes, it was pretty neat and really worked and we got to ride on all the rides that we wanted with barely any wait time at all, like maybe 15 min at the most it was really cool! we had a great time and it was fun to be with all of our kids well minus Zac, maybe next time!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Many events that took place since January!

The last time I posted was Hannah Shower, since then she has given us another beautiful grandson this makes two for us, Willie and Camie have Vance and Hannah and Billy now have Reed, he is such a good baby and I feel very lucky for her that he is, she has her hands very full with three little kids now. She is a great Mom and has many talents if you go to her blog you can see all the amazing things she has sewn and stitched, I have no doubt that her kids will be showing off many new fashions, she actually made the blanket that Reed was blessed in I don't where she finds the time to do all these things!

Then this little girl turned one, Nixyn is the sweetest little girl she just roams around grandma's house and never makes a peep, she has learned to share her new little brother not sure if she likes that too much right now but i know she loves him she has the cutest little personality, Grandpa and Grandma love her and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Then there's Oscar this guy turned a big 8, I cannot believe he is already 8 where does the time go, he has brought so much joy and laughter to our family and sometimes tires his Mom and Dad out trying to keep up with him, I have no regrets having this happy child come to me in my life later then expected, he has been a blessing to me and has given me strength when it was needed at a time in my life. Happy Birthday Oscar we love you

And so it begins all over again, yep we get to do scouting again it has been many years since we have done scouting in our family the last time was with Zac and that was about 14 years ago, I was so tempted to dig out Zac and Willie's old pinewood derby cars and recycle them, but new that wouldn't go over big with this guy, he was so excited to carve his car and paint it with his Dad they had a great night racing his car, I was sad i couldn't be there but was at Hallie choir concert which was pretty good with some familiar songs! (finally)

Oscar had a very special day this birthday he was baptised a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, he was so excited for this day to come, it was a happy sad day for me for he was our last to be baptised, his brother Willie was asked by Oscar to give the talk on the Holy Ghost Willie did a great job and told a story about his dad while his dad was on his Mission, i know there were some watery eyes, mine mostly, thanks Willie and thanks Oscar for asking him!

Zac also was able to participate, Oscar had allot of family support that came and he thanks everyone for being there, his special day was shared with another little boy in our ward, Dane between both families the room was full, and then we went over to the Sherwoods for some yummy cake and salsa, who would of thought that these two little babies were in the same hospital one day apart Oscar being our last and Dane being there first and not knowing each other well maybe they did before they were sent to us and ending up being in the same ward and there family being one of our good friends.

We love you Oscar this day was very special thanks!
Then it was off to Rocky Point for Oscar birthday and well spring break, Oscar has been going here since he was practically born, and he pretty much celebrates his birthday here every year, he has told us more then once that he wants to live here and have a yellow house with a blue roof, he has made many friends on the beach and continues to do that today.

Oscar's first time riding on the banana boat, I was scared he was having a great time!

First time skim boarding, now he's a pro and now he wants one, thanks to these strangers on the beach for letting him use there board!

Boyd and Oscar coming up from the beach, he loves to go out and find all the sea creatures after the tide goes out and they have found some interesting things, his favorite thing to do!

End of our trip, Oscar is not a big fan of shopping, but we had a good time, we missed Hallie this trip but she was in Newport Beach having fun with her good friends Page and Matty.

Ending with a sweet picture, Oscar holding his new little nephew Reed he loves his nieces and nephews!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hannah's baby shower/ Hallie Vollyball Tournament

We had Hannah's Baby shower last Thurs during the biggest storm that Mesa has had in a long time it was pouring down rain and the wind was very angry, sighting of tornado's, puddles of rain but in spite of all this Hannah had a very nice shower and had a great turn out with family and friends. Camie had it at her house and did an amazing job on the decorating everything was cute and colorful, thanks Camie for letting us have it at your house.

I love my beautiful Mom and these two sisters that are in this picture Trish and Lida they are great sisters to have all of my sisters were there but wondering why i didn't get a picture of them someone must of had too.
Hannah got this cute quilt from Billy's Mom I give her all the credit in Hannah's sewing abilities and I am so grateful that Hannah's has become very creative in her own sewing ways!
Me, Hannah and Hallie I love my daughters very much and I am very grateful for such a great daughter in law who puts up with her crazy Mother in law!

Some cousin fun and cute little Avree soon to be another big sister..

Hallie's Poston Volleyball Team! they won City Championship!

Hallie has really enjoyed playing Volleyball and loves the girls that she plays with she is wanting to play next year, it was fun watching her and seen her develop her skills

Her two good friends Page and Matty she has a great time with them, there Mom was and still is my best friend since grade school we are glad that they have taken after our skills and talents! Marci I know you agree with this!

Page, Hallie and Matty (I think i got them right)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas Combo

We have been pretty busy or i should say i have been pretty busy and haven't been very good at updating my blog. The top pictures are from Thanksgiving, we had Thanksgiving at my Parents and there were about 90 of us, we all had a great time and there was much food to eat.. Then came Christmas, and Christmas breakfast at my mom's it was a fun day and everyone seemed happy with what they received from Santa, we love being with family and we always love going to my parents for Christmas Breakfast the food was yummy and the cooks were awesome, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and hope everyone had a fun time bringing in the new year, we did.....