Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Zac....

Today is this big boy's birthday, Were pretty glad he went to a Spanish speaking Mission, now we just hope he will use it often and have it help him in his career??

Always wanted to be a cowboy, and sometimes he dreams of riding a bull, I told him it wasn't in our blood but he can pretend to do anything he wants...

This is one of the things that he enjoys doing and he did catch us allot of fish while we were in Greer..

Loves his Nieces and Nephew and love's it when they come over to visit, he is a Great Uncle to them and has fun teasing and playing and tiring them out.

But this is the Love of his life right now!!!! He would rather be hunting and scouting and glassing for his up coming hunts then even think about having another comp. by his side, but I keep telling him you can't be Happy unless you find the one you love for ever.... so hopefully after all these hunts that are coming up he might look into that.. We love you Zac have a great birthday...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Day of School

SO sad to send this fun little boy off to school, i will miss his hugs and kisses through out the day and all of his inventions that he has done through the summer, he truly entertains us all, I know he will be fine at school but will be anxious to come home and play, Mom loves you Oscar have a great year in the second grade..

I will surely miss this young lady! She has been the biggest help to me all summer, it was nice to have someone that I knew i could leave my daycare kids with and they would be fine while I had to run errands, or have Dr. appt to go too, She is a special girl in our family, she is our peacemaker and we love her, she will have a great year starting in the eighth grade she has good friends to have fun with. Have a great year Hallie I will miss having you here.

Oscar is not to sure about starting back at least that's what it looks like in this picture! the other two boys are ones that i have had in my daycare since they were 18 mo and a new born and now they are off to school, i will still get to have them in my home after school for alittle bit, they are good boys and are nice to have around, I can't believe they are in school all day now, Dewey will start 5th grade and Emett is in all day kindergarten..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet the Teacher Day/ Friends Day fun Day

Meet Mrs. Sanders, she will be Oscar's new second grade teacher, she seems really nice and I hope that he has a great school year, allot of his friends happen to be in his class along with one of his cousin, Preston, he was so excited.. I will miss this little boy he is so much fun to have around but he is ready for school to start and I think we are all ready to be on somewhat of a schedule..

Hallie's cousins and two of her good friends surprised her and showed up with a Cake and to hang out for the day, Hallie was gone on her Birthday day to Canada so they all wanted to do something before school started, she was surprised and I had to endure the noise that came with it, they are all a bunch of good girls that like to have fun, Julia my Niece made this cute little cake for them all to enjoy, she does a pretty good job, thanks girls for coming and spending the day with Hallie...


Makes me want to go and take classes, Thanks Julia