Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just some Random Events!

We had my Nephew, Dallen wedding luncheon a few weeks ago it was really nice and was a lovely evening at the reception, Congratulation Dallen and Malissa!
Willie and Vance at the luncheon, cutest little guy ever and is getting to big already!!!

Then we had Oscar's spring sing, he was so cute and so EXCITED to sing his new song's they learned, I am sure if you look you can see him in this picture he was so good and was just singing his little heart out it was a great evening, thanks Oscar for being such a fun kid!!!

This is our good friend Cindy, she is such a trooper and a good supporter of events, she is in out Primary Presidency and seems to always and willing to go here and see the kids different events, thanks Cindy for coming with us, and for taking us to Golden Spoon were we had some peace and quite!!! NOT there were allot of kids there after the Spring Sing and it was CRAZY noisy... so that kinda sums are last few events and Hallie just reminded me that there was only sixteen more days till school is out!!! oh my

Thursday, April 23, 2009

This is my weakness!!

This is my WEAKNESS!!! I love the sound of opening a can of Diet Lime Pepsi in the early hours well 6:30 in the morning that is freezing cold just out of the fridge, Well Monday I decided that I was not going to have this temptation any more, its not good for me, it's something that i feel like I have to have at least two to three times a day, the best is when they come from Sonic with the good crushed Ice they have, but I had to tell myself that I don't need them anymore that it was just a want and a want that I could have anytime of the day, so I stop cold turkey!!! and let me tell you it was the worse thing ever, I had the most painful head pounding headache ever, it was to the point that i was Nashua it lasted for three and half days, after the first day i was so tempted to just forget about it and that the headache and grouchiness wasn't worth it but i knew i had to beat it and i did I am headache free after much Tylenol and so on, so now its just water with lime in it or my healthy drink that my sister gave me from Isagenix so if your think about quiting just have a good supplies of mead's around... I don't think i will do this again, but it will be surely missed while i am eating at a good Mexican food restaurant!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Earth Day!!!

Today is Earth Day! I have never thought about celebrating Earth Day until one of my daycare Mom's who is on the ball with everything came in yesterday to pick up her kids and had brought me some green flowers and some fun activities to do with the kids today, she brought rubber snakes and spiders and then these cute little capsules that you put in water and then they grow into different creatures and then a coloring booklet for an earth birthday, so fun.. then I thought well i have to come up with something myself so after my walk this morning i went to Fry's and got some Oreo cookies and some little cups that just happen to be on clearence from Easter and then some gummy worms, We crushed the cookies and then put some worms in the cups and then put the crushed cookies on top with a worm poking out, the kids had so much fun and can't wait to take them home to share, Thanks Tamera for letting us have a Earth Day Party.. now I will have to do it all over again when Oscar gets home and see's all the fun we had!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Fun Easter Day!

We had a great Easter Weekend, our weekend fun was suppose to start Friday afternoon and meet up with Hannah and her family and go camping, but when the clouds started to roll in Boyd decided it wouldn't be such a great idea to pack up and go known that we were headed to get some fine Easter weekend rain! which happened, so we backed out of going sorry Hannah and stayed and got all of our Easter/grocery shopping done for the week, Hallie was with Hannah camping and got rained out and headed home Sat afternoon, Saturday morning we had Easter breakfast at Boyd's parents house and a Easter egg hunt it was allot of fun and great food to eat! Mom and Dad shill gave everyone a nice plaque that said Family on it and some very cute Easter Cookies that Mom and Megan had made for everyone it was a fun morning and the kids had a great time. Saturday afternoon we decided to take the kids and go to the Mesa Museum to see the dinosaurs Oscar loved it they had some neat exhibits there, and some fun hands on like panning for Gold I think Oscar said he found Gold!!! I thought it was alittle pricey but the kids had fun and then after that we all went to El Charo such good food, we all had a great time with each other and it made the weekend a fun one despite our cancelled camping time...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thanks Camie!!

Camie came to Oscar's game on Monday and took some really cool live shot picture's of him playing ball, these are just a few that she did, she is amazing and it so fun to have some of these fun pictures to frame for Oscar, anybody that wants to have some fun live action shots of your kids I wouldn't hesitate to call Camie, Thanks Camie for coming and doing this for us!

Monday, April 6, 2009

This is why we Like Conference Weekend!!!

This is why my family likes conference weekend, it seems that all you do is want to sit, relax and eat while conference is on and that is exactly what we did, not to mention the bowls of candy that were on the table. Conference was great and I felt that we all were edified I could listen to conference every Sunday they always have the best messages for me. Are lunch was the best we had grilled chicken taco's along with Cafe Rio sweet pork taco's (i do have the recipe) and really good Lime Rice and good salsa and toppings, Hannah made a very scrumptious moist almond poppy seed bunt cake it was very yummy and we can't leave out all the soda pop and drinks we had, it was a great day and fun day to spend with family, I feel like we live our life's around food and that food makes us happy but I must say there is alittle truth to that... Hope you all enjoyed Conference as much as we did!!