Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Events..

Is this the cutest one year old you have ever seen! we all got to celebrate Vance's birthday at the Tempe Town Park it was allot of fun and the kids all had a great time playing in the water park, Happy Birthday Vance we love you..

And here are the cooks for the event, Willie cooked some yummy hotdogs and camie made a really cute cake for vance the weather was great and the best was that we got to spend time with all the family.

Our little fishing trip to Tonto Creek, it was allot of fun even though we didn't catch any fish, it was the time spent together that made up for it..

And this is what Oscar called a "SWEET TRUCK" had to throw this in cause come on where would see a truck like this other then in Payson.....okay maybe Texas...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Schools out! and Summer fun begins!!!

Schools Out for Summer!!!!

Hallie was so ready for school to be done with, I do have to admit she did awesome all during her first year in Junior High more better then I ever did (grades that is) ! she was invited to be on the NJHS, She's a great Daughter and Friend to have, now she gets to work and help me for the Summer I am sure she will be ready to go back after her break is over.... Oscar is a swimming machine he is in the pool 24-6 loves to swim and have fun creating new adventures every day, these are some of his school buddies that were in his classroom, Mason and Zac they had a great time during the school year.

Here our my cute little friends that I have during the Summer, Friday Hallie helped them all make some really cute Sun Visors for them to take home, they all loved it! This is what Oscar will be busy with this Summer entertaining all these kids, of course he thinks he is the one in charge!

And this is our Crazy little Av, she keeps us on our toes, her shirt explains her totally! she is very much FUN SIZE and swims like a fish... she loves her baby dolls to play with and gives them rides all the time, sometime I worry for Nixyn in hopes that she doesn't try her rides for her, we are so glad we have our Avree around she keeps us all laughing and she also likes to be in charge so it is a love war between her and Oscar....