Monday, July 28, 2008


I just love this full tummy picture its the best.. Avree will probably not like that her grandma showed this a few years down the road!! so cute

It was a busy weekend and all with Hallie's party, but it ended on a fun Sat. evening, Boyd and I got to watch the two most beautiful grand kids around! Hannah and Billy and Willie and Camie all went and got Sushi and then to a Movie and asked if we would watch the kids, can't refuse that offer so we got to spend the evening with them, they were so good and we had some good laughs while they were here, The best part was i got to bathe them and then give them their baby lotion rub down its the best and so relaxing for them (so glad for my mom's teachings) and then feed them their bottle and they were good to go for the night, Vance slept till his parents came and Aunt Hallie played with Avree till Hannah and Billy came and got her, it was allot of fun to have them both at the same time, I know I may sound a little strange, but it was a fun night I recommend it to you all someday...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Hallie!!!!

Today is Hallie's 13th Birthday! We had a great party on Friday, which if you want to ask me again if i would willingly want to do it again i would probably say NOT! I think i am getting to old or maybe just tired after about 2:30 AM I had to finally go in and break the party fun and tell them its time to go to bed!! Do you think they listened to me NO, so i just told myself oh well its their mothers that will have to deal with them all day on Saturday of them probably not wanting to do anything helpful around the house so i just fell asleep well sorta! we had fun and played some real fun games, this last picture is of them with tin foil, they were each given 50 sq feet of tin foil and they had to come up with a design and then they were judged on the best out fit they had twenty minutes to complete there outfit, it was fun and they seemed to have a good time.. and the best part of the party was when they were all crashed out on the floor and i awoke with them with my cheery voice and tooted the horn at 8:30 in the morning.. they ate donuts and milk, gathered there things and where off to have a fun day at there homes! (after getting about 4 hours of sleep)!!! HAppy Birthday Hallie we love you.....

Thursday, July 24, 2008


This is Sister Hernana Zulema and her husband Rodrigo, they were just recently baptised.

Zac got to go bowling for his p-day and was so happy with his score of 186...good job Elder Shill

This is no gang sign!! Just a few Missionaries celebrating 4th of July and holding up four fingers to show they only have 4 more months left!!! so exciting... and I think they are enjoying a "Monster" good to know they have those in Mexico ..

Loves his hat that a member gave him...Just chilling on one of his P-days.. (so handsome)!

Thursday, July 17, 2008



Megan Dr. Olson's asst. helping Hallie with her new CONTACTS!!!!!

The Demo

After a few tries (like 45 min.)! she finally got the hang of it, putting them in and taking them out! Way to go Hallie!!!!

AFTER!!! Doesn't she look FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! her eyes were really irritating her after her lessons of learning to put them in and take them out! Dr. Jeremy Olson was the best along with his staff, Hallie has an unsual eye and so these are pretty special contacts one of which Dr. Olson said Hallie was probably the only one in the North American Contentant that has this kind of contact! He said they were special made just for her eyes. So we are hoping that in a few years her site will improve and she won't have to have such a strong perscription! she is so excited and we are so happy for her, I think it is sort of amuzing that my two girls have there dads eyes and my boys must have mine, but all and all we are pretty blessed to have such good kids and good Dr. that care about them..... It was a great day for Hallie and for us! hopefully she will beable to get them back in, in the morning!! ha

My Big babies and my Cutest little little grandkids...

The kids came over last night and we had a great time, It was fun seeing how much diffrence the to little babies are in size, they are so cute and fun and we are so glad they all live here close to us, Hallie is such a big help to all of us and Oscar he entertanes us all and we are so glad that Zac is serving a great mission in Mexico... Families are great and they are FOREVER!!!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How DID I do this!!!!!!!! So mad at myself...

Okay i am so mad at myself at this momment and probably for awhile.. I took the funnest pictures while we were in Rocky Point these last six days and well i went to go down load them for my blog and for some STUPID reason i created one too many flolders, so I thought i would be SMART my first mistake and deleted a folder well it also DELETED all of my pictures and they are no where to be found. I guess the important thing is that even though we don't have the picture to show how much fun we had and how big the waves were and how much fun the kids had riding the waves, getting there hair braided and Oscar getting a Sponge Bob tatooe (henna) and eating at our favorite places and enjoying the best condo and best view of the beach and Rocky Point (thanks to my sister Janene for having such a nice place to stay) and even having a picture of Boyd in the water walking with Oscar findind sea shell and sea creatures, and walking with me on the beach, and taking a picture of a couple that we wanted to jokenly say it was us because this man has a speedo on and his wife in a two piece and I am pretty sure they were in their sixties!! and it was quite the site.. and just haveing Oscar and Hallie playing so good together, and then having a picture with all my sisters well minus one (KAylynn) but other then that we had a blast it was so much fun to sit there all day and watch the kids play in the ocean and then in the evening we would watch a movie all together you can't get better then that!!! And I have to thank Hannah for taking care of my daycare while I was gone and doing a great job and the best was coming home to a clean house and making my first night home nice and easy, thank you Hannah!! The only thing that would of made this trip 100% if we could of had all of our grandkids and married children with us, next time hopefully!!! we missed you also Zac and wished you were there to help us understand some spanish we are looking forward to that when you get home....

Monday, July 7, 2008


Elder Shill, in some of his Missionary thoughts and moments! This Month he will get a new Mission President I do not know there names yet, but hopefully he will send us a picture. A new member that he meet just happen to know how to make some deliouse chicken wings so he was so excited to beable to go to her house and enjoy them with there family... and just some fine looking pictures of our missionary!! four more months and he will be home.. can't wait