Sunday, March 30, 2008


Here are some more pictures! I couldn't belive the size of that Cactus!!! The rest of the pictures are below!

Another Day for a Missionary!

I didn't get to post last week, so this week I am making up for it and have about eight pictures to post! This is a Closet that Elder Shill built for a family, I was quit impressed that he did somethng like that, he said that the family loved it and was so happy to have something to hang there clothes on! hum! might have to put this guy to work here when he gets home!

Zac said that he's companion lost a bet so this was his payoff to zac!!!

So Cute!! This is a Chihuahua that was in one of the homes that he went too, All the kids wanted him to bring it home, I can't believe how tan he has got, especially next to this little white dog

I am amazed at the roads they have to walk on all day!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Batter ur up! GO SEA DOGS!!

So its been 15yrs. since we have been at the Tee Ball field! And yes we felt old and I am sure everyone thought we were there watching our Grandson play!! ha It was the Best night though, Oscar had the funnest time playing and it was all worth it to have this little caboose added to our family he has been so much fun, and of course he is the best little Tee ball player out there!

YEA!! I made it on base! (they all do)

Getting ready for the catch! I might just have to add that he does play like his older Brothers, Willie and Zac! And thanks Willie and Camie for coming out and watching me, I know you had so much fun and thanks for all the Cheers!

Waiting patiently for another turn at bat! thats the best!!!

He was so funny to point out to me that his pants got all dirty from all the sliding he was doing to capture the ball!! I told him not to worry.... it was a great evening and couldn't have ask for better weather, that won't last long!! and might I add that it was great for the allergies!!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter Everyone!

Grandma, Avree and Great Grandma Shill we were so glad that we got to have her company at our Easter breakfest Sat. morning.

Family group picture (minus a few of my married children that were home doing projects! ) with Great Grandma Shill she is the sweetest Grandma anyone could have!

Boyd with Avree and Great Grandma Shill (this could of been a cute third generation picture if someone would of been there! (Hannah) love you...

Trying to get a Easter picture before Church but someone didn't want to participate, and had to have his sponge bob in the picture also needless to say that it ended up getting taking away in his Primary Class! tried to give him heads up, but he had to find out for himself! Have to love that kid! Tee ball starts tomorrow so watch out !!

Easter fun at the Shill's

Oscar, Laynee, Lucy , Isn't Oscar lucky to have all these cute cousins! just ask him!

All the Cousins with Great Grandma Shill! ( Oscar was not very happy he wanted so more play time)!

Nora and Avree two little cousins that are one day apart!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Banana Boat Fun!! Rocky Point 2008

Just a beautiful day, the weather was perfect! I have posted quit a few pictures so enjoy, we did!!


Oscar found this Shark that a Seagull had dropped!

Sponge Bob Tattoos!!

just chillin on the beach!

Hallie and her cousin!

Hallie getting her hair braided, the best deal of all, then you don't have to mess with your hair the whole time! They were trying to get me to do it but i didn't want to show Bo Derek up! and be a 11!! ha

Spring Break! Rocky Point 2008

Oscar so proud he found this Crab and it was so big compared to all the little ones, he caught like five and was so excited to bring them up to the condo to show his Dad and to tell him that he needs to cook them so we can have them for dinner!! NOT!

So the local people go up and down on the beach and sell different things for you to buy, and a guy stopped and ask if i wanted to buy this purse, but first let me explain, the purse that he showed me was half this size! I told him that he would have better luck if he made the purse bigger and deeper I told him that "Grande" women like bigger purses! so he said for you i will make one and so the next day he walks by me and stops and i said where is my purse and he said he sold it on the way to find me!! for fifty dollars! he was so happy so he said he would make me another one and give me a good deal! so on Friday he came by with this one and gave me a great deal and then i told him to make matching coin purses and he had some tiny purses with him for small children and he took the straps off and some Lady next to me bought two right off of him! My sister told me that I should just quit my daycare business and move to Mexico and sell my own idea's or help the people with there idea's!!!ha ya right! would be fun just to be there for awhile it is so pretty and the beach is awesome, for those that never have been there you don't have to mess around with all the sea weed this beach has none!! and is so fun to play in! we had a great time and i will post some more pictures of the kids! sorry not of me!! I didn't have a modest swim suit on!!haha wink wink Oh ya I forgot to mention that this purse is made out of candy wrappers and they connect them all together, its pretty amazing and will be a fun spring purse!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Oscar!!

This is the funniest boy around.. We are so glad he is apart of our family! Happy Birthday Oscar we Love you!! There are more pictures below of his fun little Pirate Party he had!

Thank you Hallie and Lauren!

Are these the cutest TREASURE MAPS ever! Hallie and Lauren (her cousin) were my biggest helper ever, she made these cute little maps and also came up with all the fun games they did, it was so much fun, hopefully this might count as some of her hours for young womens, I don't see why not!! Thank you Hallie for all your hard work!


Here are some of the meanest Pirates ever!!! Oscar had his 6th Birthday and the theme was Pirates!! It was such a fun day for him and these sweet little pirates had a great time, we went to Candle light Park and I have to say it was much easier to have it there then having it at home, they could run and play all they want and i didn't even have to worry about getting cake and punch every where, I think it is a sign that I am old!!! all and all it was a great day!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Hey I can play the Guitar!!

So this could be exciting! We actually might have someone in our family that can play an instrument!

I'm alittle over excited!!!

My first taste of American food in sixteen months!!! YES!


Zac said that he hung is Suit on a hook by the light and never dreamed that it was close enough to do this until he started smelling something burning, it burnt a small hole in the collar of his suit!!


This is a gril that Zac Baptized and they celebrated by them all wearing these hats!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


You can call her GRANDMA, you can call her AUNT LaRue, you can call her Sister Prince, you can call her your Dear Friend, But to ME and all of MY SISTERS and BROTHER'S we call HER MOM!!!!
So today I decided to make some of my Mom's BEST orange rolls reciepe, she has has this reciepe as long as I can remember her making bread, she would always make these rolls and you just new she was baking something when you walked into her home, she has past this reciepe down to all of us and now we have started making them in our home for our family and friends. so I posted some of the pictures that went along with the steps.. If any of you have had our MOMS rolls you know they are the BEST! we LOVE you MOM and are so thankful for all that you do for all of us and the things that you have taught us to carry on in our families!!
All rolled out and ready to raise for 3 hrs.
This is the finished product, and they are to die for!!! so Enjoy

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


I would love to hear if any one has any good remedies for this, it is driving me crazy!

Hay fever (seasonal rhinitis)
Hay fever is one of the commonest allergies affecting a massive 12 million people in the UK. At worst, it makes spring and summer months a misery. The name is somewhat misleading; it is not caused by hay, but by pollens from wind-pollinated grasses, trees, and weeds, and spores from fungi. Nor does it cause fever, common symptoms are headaches, watery, bloodshot eyes, frequent and violent attacks of sneezing, and an itchy nose, mouth and throat, as well as general tiredness

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Easter Weakness!!!

These have to be my favorites and my most weakness at the same time!! I don't know why I torture myself and buy these when I am at the store, I did so good yesterday and told myself I was not going to have any, that I was going to be good on my DIET!! and I did make through the day until the evening time and I went to go sit on the couch and BAME! there I went, I was so mad at myself for giving in, so we will have to see what happens today!

Monday, March 3, 2008


So i decided that on Monday's is Elder Shill's day and this way I can post some of his pictures as long as he keeps them coming!! This is Zac burning his shirt after being out in the field for a year, I guess it is a traditional thing that Missionaries do!!
This is a trick that Zac did before his Mission, every time we would go to Rocky Point and we were sitting in the resturant waiting for our food Zac would do this little trick for everyone!! He is quit the talented Kid, he balances it all with a toothpick, they probably all think he is amazing!!
This is his next best friend and always has it on hand for EMERGENCY'S!!!