Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Knowledge to Legacy to Faith! What a week...

It's been awhile since I last posted and so many things have happen that I need to remember! The week started off pretty busy and then got lots more busier! We were honored to be invited to Hallie introduction to NJHS, she wasn't sure if she wanted to be apart of this and I told her it was a honor to be recognized (probably cause no one from are family has yet been there including her mother and father) and that she should go and be proud of herself for all the hard work and studying that she has done this school year to keep her grade average up, it was a nice assembly and Boyd and I were very proud of her she ended the school year with a 4.0--whoo hoo Hallie!!!!!!! so proud of her.
Then Boyd's grandma died Wilma Shill and we buried her Saturday she was the most gracious grandma and great grandma and great great grandma ever she has a Legacy that will go on forever, she would always look into your eyes while you were talking to her and you knew that she was really listening to what you had to tell her, i will always remember her soft hands that held you close to her, she has a special place in our hearts and mine, she was able to watch Hannah for me when she was just 2 mo old while I had to go have surgery done to remove the nogile on my thyroid, my mom and dad were on a mission in Canada and all my sister were having babies so grandma offered to take her, i never worried once while i was in the hospital for a week, she will be missed by all, but so happy for her that she is with her husband who has been gone for fifteen years what a happy reunion that must of been for them both.
I keep looking at Boyd and telling myself "Man he's handsome all dressed up"! then these two boys Jack and Sam are all grown up they are Boyd's cousins there mom is Boyd's Aunt and I use to watch these guys when they were babies does that tell you how long I have been doing daycare they were like 18mo and Sam was just a baby! wow were does the time go I always love to talk to them and tell them stories they were like my own.
Then after the funeral and luncheon we all left and Boyd drove through Sonic, it was so stinkin hot out side that we all had to cool off with a drink, his phone rings and it is Hannah he hands me the phone and i could tell she was histarical and crying!!! whats wrong, she told me that Nixyn her 3 mo old fell out of the car seat as she was carry her in to the house and that she has a big bump on her head and was kinda of out of it , i told her to get to the ER now and that we would meet them there!!! my heart was pounding and we all broke into more tears I told Hallie and Oscar to fold there arms that we needed to say a pray for Niki--- we got to the hospital and my heart started pounding and my body felt limp, Hannah was a basket case and billy besides himself and I was so sad to see her laying on her Mom's chest Boyd called his Dad and he came up pretty darn quick and I asked the nurse if there was a room we could go and give her a blessing the nurse was great a took us to a room that was just for people that were having chest pains and said we could use this but to hurry in case someone came in, Boyd gave Nixyn a blessing and I felt so calm afterwards and new that all would be okay, she ended up having a fracture with some blood that they were worried about, so they kept her over night we stayed with Hannah most the night and then came back the next morning they did another Ct scan and the fracture was still there but there was no sign of the blood clot! I am so thankful for the power of the priesthood and the blessings that come with it, i knew Nixyn would be just fine and that our Heavenly Father watches over his children and comforts us when it is needed... These Nurses were the best, they took such good care of her in ICU and had the best since of humor ever! Thanks for everyone prayers Hannah did a great job blogging about it also but i wanted this one for me, and my journal. Now I'm ready to kick back and relax and enjoy the Summer (NOT)!!!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Exciting Things do Happen!!!

A couple of weekends ago Oscar and I went to Home Depot to get some summer flowers to plant, I have always wanted Gardenia's I know they are a hard flower to keep healthy but I thought heck i would give it a try, I had these flowers for my wedding and love how they smell!!! so after a few days of planting them, when I went out my door one morning there was this beautiful Gardenia I was so excited to see it, I really hope that my not so much green thumb will keep this plant alive. This made my whole day.. Marci I know you will appreciate this..

So I went to pick up Hallie from school and on our way home she all of sudden belted out "OUCH" and said what and she said something bit me and she saw what it was and seemed to be some kind of bug or spider then when she woke up the next morning it was all swollen and red and didn't seem to get any better. Well in the next picture and when I went again to pick her up after school she is there waiting with Ice on her finger and it was all swollen she was playing basketball and caught the ball wrong and this is what happen!!

So we ended up here at Urgent Care, if you ever need an urgent care this is the place to go! they are the best and it is so clean and the Dr. are great it is on Mckellips and almost to Horne and the name of it is Southwest Urgent care Dr. Shields in our ward recommend it to me when my Mom was not feeling to well, and when Oscar was sick, they are open until 8 Pm and I highly recommend anyone that needs after hour care to go there, we haven't got the results back from Hallie finger yet but lets just hope it was jammed instead of a fracture!!! it was a fun exciting week for us!!! oh and the spider bite they gave us an antibiotic for it so hopefully it will go away as of now it hasn't yet!!!