Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My BIGGEST helper ever!

She is the sweetest girl ever, who loves to play and entertain her brother Oscar, she loves to have fun and helps me a ton.. she is the most loyal friend any one of her friends could ever have, she loves to learn as much as she can and has her Dad wrapped around her finger, She will be the BEST babysitter Willie and Hannah will ever have (next to me of course) and she loves her little niece Avree and can't wait for baby Vance to get here.. we love you Hallie

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This is a really neat video of President Hinckley, I hope you enjoy it like i did.

Monster Jam Truck Fun!!!!!

SO this last weekend the BOYS! got to go to the Monster Truck Jam, they all seemed to have a great time, This was my gift to Boyd for his B-day and to spend some time with his boys..I think Oscar had the BEST time ever and still can't stop talking about it!! he was so excited to see the GRAVE DIGGER and BLUE THUNDER.. i think everyone else was just amazed at the over all people who attend.. i will leave it to your imaginations!!! more picture to come as soon as we get some picture developed

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Cutest Little Valentine

Avree had her Valentine shoot this morning. Our friend Mellissa did it for Hannah, she is great if any of you want pictures done.
The cutest little ANGEL ever!!!
Doesn't that just melt in your mouth!!! love her

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Sooo! I thought i would be a nice Wife and get Boyd the HUNTING and OUTDOOR channel in HD for his BIRTHDAY!!! BIG MISTAKE .. seems like this is what we will be watching everynight and on the weekends, what was i thinking!! right girls (Hannah and Camie)... Sorry..
The funniest thing to see is watching Oscar with Boyd and their conversations they are having while they watch the Hunting show!!!
Guess Hallie and I will just have to go shopping!!!!

One of the many pretty sunsets in Elder Shill's Mission
Glad to see these hats were worn after her baptism!! looks like they had some fun..
This is what Elder Shill tracks in all day.. Glad i sent an extra pair of shoes!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Hey Look!! No training wheels
I CAN DO IT!!! I'm free........ thanks Dad..

Monday, January 7, 2008

Boyd and Oscar working on the bike

Boyd helping Oscar adjust his new bike
He's so happy to have it all ready! i think he will out grow this in a couple of weeks oops our mistake!
So proud of the mud! what fun he had romping around in the fields at work!!! i don't think he will ever out grow this kind of fun, maybe when Oscar is out on his mission!!
A friend of mine gave this to me for Christmas, This is such a true statement, I love it.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas in Rocky Point

This is one of the houses that about 75 people participated in.
And this was the reward at the end of the day for Oscar!!! playing on his favorite beach, he says he wants to move to Rocky Point and have a yellow house with a blue roof!!

Christmas in Rocky Point "Families helping Families" We got invited to go down to Rocky Point and help build two houses for two families.

The leader of the brother in-law Ralph Pew
Hallie helping, unloading brick off the truck
Oscar all geared up and ready to work "our little bob the builder"
This is the house the Shill's built, this was the most rewarding and fun Christmas that we have ever had, and look forward to doing it again.
Our kids with the Hall family one of the families that were down there helping too.

Elder Shill loving his Mission

A family that Elder Shill baptize
This is Zac's best friend in the field..
Elder Shill's first Christmas in Mexico..
A carpenter who carved this picture that Zac baptized..

Christmas morning at the Shill's

The Baker family. Wasn't quite sure of the shirt, I think it was to early in the morning and Billy didn't see what he was putting on, or he was getting ready for New Years Eve!! (NOT) Grandpa Prince asked him if that was his favorite got to love my Dad..

Uncle Willie holding Avree getting in some practice for when he has his own..
Camie and Oscar loving Christmas morning together..
Dad and Hallie anxiously waiting to talk to Elder Shill
Oscar and his stash~!!