Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Batter Up!!!

So here we go again another season of little league! Oscar loves to play and he practices so hard with his Dad and sometimes with Hallie and of course me his Mom! It is allot of fun to watch him this year, he is in machine pitch so its alittle more challenging then just hitting of the tee, and he is one of the youngest on his team but he does do well to keep up with the rest, so this is what will be occupying our time a couple nights a week but whats more better then to be with family and have a good time.. GO OSCAR!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A New Makeover for Me!!!

This is my Entertainment before along with all my other living room furniture in the same color of wood, its been this way for 25 years and with a few cans of spray paint and $126.00 dollars later I feel like I have a whole new Living Room Furniture look, I love it and it makes me feel like I went out and bought all new furniture, here are some pictures.

Thank you Melissa for your talented ways and doing this for me, she is the best at spray painting, she does so even , I can't believe that a can of spray paint could make such a difference...

Here it is all finished, I had two end tables and I had Zac do those for me and he did a great job also, I know its going to show the dust alittle more but that's okay I can wipe them down everyday if I have too, now I'm asking myself why I didn't do this ten years ago or even a year ago, I guess it took some motivation and seeing my friend Sandy's Entertainment Center that Melissa had done for her, so If you want a new look and don't want to spend allot of money on new furniture, then grab ya some spray paint and have fun... took about three hours to do all and allot of paint fumes----and your happy the rest of the day.....

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

My little friends that I get to have everyday minus a couple who are on vacation, they are all wearing there little St. Patricks day antenna they had so much fun with them and can't wait to wear them home...

there craft time...
Then we played games and they had to go and find the pot of gold that I hid in the backyard, once they found it then they goThen we had shamrock cookies and made a leprechaun puppet to take home they love having t there own pot of gold candy that was wrapped in gold foil they thought that was so cool, don't we wish it could of been real.....

This was so much fun, we had green macaroni and cheese the expression on there face were so funny some were hesitant and said they didn't like broccoli, i had to reassure them that this was not broccoli that it was macaroni and that the Leprechaun made it for them, and then their were no problems of gobbling it down, it was fun and I think they all had fun at lunch, now there asleep and now I can clean up... Happy St. Patricks Day to all....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Oscar!!!

This has got to be the happiest, fun loving, best imagination and caring little guy I know, he amazes all of us with his since of humor.. He loves Rocky Point he has been going there ever since he was a baby and knows that this is were we celebrate his Birthday I think he would live there if he could.. It was so funny this morning when he woke up to a Breakfast Jack kids meal (his favorite) he said mom I think I grew taller last night cause I'm turning seven!!! he makes us laugh and has the cutest little smile ever, if you seen his smile he has had two teeth missing since he was two and now he has just lost his other front tooth so he has this big gap in the front and he can't say he's "S" very well (priceless) WE love you Oscar and we hope you have a great day.... Happy Birthday..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday Lunch Time..

Trisha, Doris and Laura

Lida, My Mom, My Dad

Me and Lida, why my bangs are split i have know idea.. Today we went to Rosa's and had lunch with everyone including Janene who wasn't present while I was taking picture's before my camera died, to celebrate Trisha birthday tomorrow and Janene's at the end of the Month, we had a great time like always, it's always fun to go to lunch with my sister;s and sister's in-law we have allot to laugh about, and then we had an intruder and I tried and tried to get a picture but the Camera wouldn't work (need to get a new one)! but my Brother Robert came and joined us!! He loved it, he was surrounded by all his sister's so he was out numbered and couldn't say anything that we didn't like...lol.. it was great fun for us all , but really who doesn't like a chance to go to Lunch..