Monday, October 6, 2008

Got to go into the Big City of Mexico!

Last week Elder Shill was able to go into the big City of Mexico! These are some of the pictures that he was able to take, along with Alielieh getting baptised.. these are the pictures his Zone that always played futbal with each other, his District and there last time that they were all with each other, in front of the Bellas Arts a big Art Museum in Mexico, in front of the Cathedral a HUGE Catholic Church and of course had to get a picture of Zac in front of the Holly Water! and then going to the Mexican Zoo, he had a great time and next week he will get to go visit all the pyramids, he can't wait not to much longer and he will be flying home! can't Wait!!!!


shillibeans said...

I love to see Zac doing so well. He will probably miss his mission buds when he gets back. It was fun to see you guys yesterday. I feel like every time we see you Oscar has learned 10 more tricks and Hallie is more beautiful. Time is flying for all of us.

Tracy & Kellie said...

love the picture of the holy water, I got a great chuckle out of it!

Ericka Johnson said...

Love the pictures! The penguin one is so cute. Not much longer before he is home!!