Monday, June 16, 2008

What would we do without our Missionary!!!

Zac was showing us his GREAT Tan line!! Sure hope he is using sunscreen!!

Washing his own clothes, I can't even imagine doing that, what great things Missions do to teach our kids to survive!! I did notice though that I love using that same soap that he is, you can get it at Walmart or Food City and it cleans your clothes really good and also has a great smell too!!

What A great looking Elder! Who wouldn't let this Man into there house!!! 5 more months and he will be home, I can't believe how fast these few months have gone by!


Malissa said...

He's so handsome! That is quite the farmers tan!! Maybe on the next P-day he can play basketball with his shirt off!! The shirt/candy bar was totally cute that Hallie made with the kids...they were so excited to give it to them!!

Jake & Maria said...

Hello Shill Family- I stumbled across the Pews and that led to you, wonder who else we can find?

Jake & Maria said...

Actually-- We drove by last night and saw the open house sign and stopped in too! We love it and are talking to a mortgage company now to see if it could work out. You're right we would make great neighbors :)