Monday, June 23, 2008

What Fun little Cousins and One Awesome Great Grandma

Avree and Vance hanging out at Grandma's with Aunt Hallie!

We all can't believe how big Avree looks up next to Vance, So fun...

What an Awesome Great Grandma, she has been the best example to all of us raising us and teaching us many amazing things, Vance is Grandma's 76 Great Grandchild!


Gail:) said...

Hey Chris! Amy just told me you had a blog and I was so excited someone my age was blogging too. I just started one, thanks to Amy but it's really new. I can't believe your parents are 80! They look the same to me...please tell them both happy birthday from Steve and I, we just love them both. (And I miss her amazing orange rolls!) Congrats on being a grandma twice! Isn't it the best thing ever! It was great seeing you and some of you's been too long! My blog address is See Ya!

Peterson Fam said...

What a sweet little guy! And BIG ole Avree looking bigger than ever with her new little cousin! He'll be bugging her and just as big as her in no time! Cute babies!