Saturday, June 14, 2008

Straight from Heaven and as precious as he could be!!!

Everyone took turns holding little Vance, we all couldn't get enough of him, We are so thankful he is here safe and sound, He is the sweetest little guy ever!!

Oscar had so much fun at the Hosptal introducing Vance to all the Spongebob Square pants characters, I think some of them might of gave Camie some discomfort when it came time to sleep! I think our little Oscar is going to quite the artist when he gets older, but thats okay he will take after his Dad and brothers!!


Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures! You look so good Grandma! Can you believe we are that old? Did we ever think we would be referring to ourselves as Grandma? I can't wait for my turn!

Katie said...

He is so cute! You are turning into a big time grandma all of a sudden!

Karen said...

Congratulations Chris!