Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break! Rocky Point 2008

Oscar so proud he found this Crab and it was so big compared to all the little ones, he caught like five and was so excited to bring them up to the condo to show his Dad and to tell him that he needs to cook them so we can have them for dinner!! NOT!

So the local people go up and down on the beach and sell different things for you to buy, and a guy stopped and ask if i wanted to buy this purse, but first let me explain, the purse that he showed me was half this size! I told him that he would have better luck if he made the purse bigger and deeper I told him that "Grande" women like bigger purses! so he said for you i will make one and so the next day he walks by me and stops and i said where is my purse and he said he sold it on the way to find me!! for fifty dollars! he was so happy so he said he would make me another one and give me a good deal! so on Friday he came by with this one and gave me a great deal and then i told him to make matching coin purses and he had some tiny purses with him for small children and he took the straps off and some Lady next to me bought two right off of him! My sister told me that I should just quit my daycare business and move to Mexico and sell my own idea's or help the people with there idea's!!!ha ya right! would be fun just to be there for awhile it is so pretty and the beach is awesome, for those that never have been there you don't have to mess around with all the sea weed this beach has none!! and is so fun to play in! we had a great time and i will post some more pictures of the kids! sorry not of me!! I didn't have a modest swim suit on!!haha wink wink Oh ya I forgot to mention that this purse is made out of candy wrappers and they connect them all together, its pretty amazing and will be a fun spring purse!


Malissa said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!! I wanna go! Love your's so you!!

Karen said...

One of these days I'm totally going to bite the bullet and cross that border! I'm glad you're back safe and had a good time. Did you get the drugs? hee hee No really.