Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Batter ur up! GO SEA DOGS!!

So its been 15yrs. since we have been at the Tee Ball field! And yes we felt old and I am sure everyone thought we were there watching our Grandson play!! ha It was the Best night though, Oscar had the funnest time playing and it was all worth it to have this little caboose added to our family he has been so much fun, and of course he is the best little Tee ball player out there!

YEA!! I made it on base! (they all do)

Getting ready for the catch! I might just have to add that he does play like his older Brothers, Willie and Zac! And thanks Willie and Camie for coming out and watching me, I know you had so much fun and thanks for all the Cheers!

Waiting patiently for another turn at bat! thats the best!!!

He was so funny to point out to me that his pants got all dirty from all the sliding he was doing to capture the ball!! I told him not to worry.... it was a great evening and couldn't have ask for better weather, that won't last long!! and might I add that it was great for the allergies!!!


the bakers said...

Sorry we didn't make it! Next time! Just wait till he plays high school sports... you guys will for sure look like the grandparents! :)

Katie said...

Oscar sure looks like he's having fun! I'm so sad that we missed sign ups AGAIN! We don't ever hear about when it's time to sign up. Next year if you remember tell me when you sign Oscar up and we can have Preston on his same team. I bet they would love that!

Anonymous said...

I too feel like that grandma at times even with my 12 year olds. But hey, it keeps us young! I am gonna quit complaining about all of the things I need to be to. Some day it will be gone and that will be really crappy!

Peterson Fam said...

He is so cute out there on the base! I bet he put on a great show! Keep us posted when he plays again. Lucy would love to see him (we all would). Adam's still really sick, so we haven't gotten out much. I'm not very adventurous on my own! Does he play next week?

Malissa said...

Oh how fun! Ty's first game is tonight...sadly I am missing it! I thought his first game was on Tuesday, so I thought...well at least I'm missing his 2nd game not his 1st game!! Turns out no game on Tuesday, first game on thursday...so I'm missing it! Kimmy's going in my place and taking pictures for me. Not the same I know! I have a photo shoot! =(

will and camie shill said...

oscy we love you and you played soooo good! way to go after the ball!