Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just some Random Events!

We had my Nephew, Dallen wedding luncheon a few weeks ago it was really nice and was a lovely evening at the reception, Congratulation Dallen and Malissa!
Willie and Vance at the luncheon, cutest little guy ever and is getting to big already!!!

Then we had Oscar's spring sing, he was so cute and so EXCITED to sing his new song's they learned, I am sure if you look you can see him in this picture he was so good and was just singing his little heart out it was a great evening, thanks Oscar for being such a fun kid!!!

This is our good friend Cindy, she is such a trooper and a good supporter of events, she is in out Primary Presidency and seems to always and willing to go here and see the kids different events, thanks Cindy for coming with us, and for taking us to Golden Spoon were we had some peace and quite!!! NOT there were allot of kids there after the Spring Sing and it was CRAZY noisy... so that kinda sums are last few events and Hallie just reminded me that there was only sixteen more days till school is out!!! oh my


Karen said...

Busy & fun ... you have a great combination going.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are stayin busy! Tell Cindy hello for me...does she still flip her gum around her finger??