Monday, February 11, 2008

What a "Burro"

And here i thought this whole time he was teaching the people of Mexico!!
One, of many of his fun days out in field!! cute though huh!!
What a handsome Missionary! I think the little mark on his pants is one of his fine mending jobs!! What a pretty sunset in the back ground!!
We are so lucky to live in the places that we do, this just amazes me, and at the ame time all the walking that they do on those kind of roads, its already making my feet hurt!
This is one of his highlights of the day to see that on the back of someone window! All his hunting buddies will appriciate that! for all that don't know what "Mathews" is, its a brand name of a Bow! Didn't mean to bore you!


the bakers said...

I did put pictures of our weekend.. what weekend are you going to mexico

Chris Shill said...

march 14th thru the 20th!!! come down on the 14th and stay till sunday with Billy what now your backing out!!! i think we will leave the 13th afternoon

Karen said...

Great! The Shaker's will be there! just kidding

Love those missionaries!