Monday, February 4, 2008

After 15 Months Look what I Found!!

Many Miles of walking on the streets of Mexico..
Traveling to my new area after being in one place for seven months.
And it was worth the three hour bus ride to find this in a store!!
Nothing makes a Missionary more happy to finally have a "DEW" after fifteen months in the field!!!


Peterson Fam said...

What a guy! I can't believe he'll be home this will be here before you know it. I can't wait to have his funny comments around the dinner table once again...the holidays will be much more complete. Although then I will miss his entertaining emails!

Karen said...

Mexican Mountain Dew! I wonder if it has a little more kick to it!

Rogers Family said...

I will say that you do make some beautiful children.. Missionary ones at that... Great pics.. Proud mom and dad I am sure.. Hope to see you Saturday!! Miss my Rockette!!