Monday, February 18, 2008

This is what Sunday's are all about after Church of course!!

This is our next Big Hunter in the Shill Family

My Boy's haveing a great time together!
Hallie wondering if she should do this or keep on with her singing and danceing talents!!
I think she decided to stick with doing this "Being with her favorite Niece"


the bakers said...

Sorry we missed it.. ha I'm not sad that Billy isn't a hunter, it just gives me more weekends with him. A few more months and Hallie will be babysitting for me every weekend... ha

Chris Shill said...
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Chris Shill said...

with pay i hope!!!! she probably could do it now for a couple hours at a time!!! you know we don't live far!

Peterson Fam said...

This looks fun! And what a great thing...your boys have always got along so great and always loved their hunting and fishing trips. Tell, Billy to suck it up and enjoy! :)