Monday, January 26, 2009

She's Here!!

Baby Nixyn has arrived so precious and beautiful, I am saving the details for Hannah and waiting for Hannah to post pictures.. But just wanted to express my thanks for a beautiful healthy baby, Thank you Hannah for letting me be there with you to see Nixyn born, I can't describe the special feeling you have while in the room where your daughter is getting ready to have a Child it was a special day for me and one that I will always remember.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Boyd!!!!!!!

This is after the fact of eating till we could hardly walk, and to add that this was Hannah pretty much last meal out till our little Nixyn is here, for some reason the balloon just happened to be in the right place at the right time.... Hannah you look fabulous...

Oscar enjoying his night at Famous Daves..

Little Av loving this Corn on the Cob she wouldn't put it down for nothing..We just wish we had little Vance along the side of her, but he was at home with Grandma Sevey not feeling well..

Hallie, Av and Oscar ready to go home..

And this was the place were we celebrated, and it was most delious.. Boyd's actual Birthday was the 19th but it was a conflict beings that it was MLK day(NOT) No we just had to wait till the weekend so everyone all could go, it was a fun night watching the boys trying to out do the other by putting away the food, I pretty sure everyone was pretty stuffed by the time we left, I love having all my family together and I am so glad that we all get along great with each other and can laugh and have fun, Just want Boyd to know how much he is loved and glad we could all celebrate his day with him... We also wish Hannah good luck little Nixyn will be here on Monday. I was so glad that today I was able to go over to Hannah's and help her with her house so everything would be good to go when she came home from the hospital, I loved it when my own Mom helped out to relieve some of the pressure because we all know what it is like being pregnant and ready to pop and to try and clean your house its alittle overwhelming and it was a privilege to give Hannah some help, now hopefully she will get a good nights rest and be all rested up for the Big day...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Sweet Dad!!!!

So last night Boyd and I were out to dinner and then went to Sam's club and on the way home we got a call that the Paramedics were at my parents home, so we hurried over there to find that my dad was not feeling good and experiencing some chest pain and nausea, My sweet mom was so calm and they were working on my dad, and then one by one each family member showed up at there house, they took him to Desert Banner and called his Dr. my dad has a great Dr. and he was not on call and was home enjoying pictures of his son's trip that he recently got home and got the call that Mr. Prince was in the ER he told his son that the picture would have to wait that he knew he had to get to the hospital to see this man, the Dr. preceded to tell us that he knew he had to be there to do a proceedur on dad and that if the dr that was on call had worked on my dad that he would of not known exactly were the blockage was cause my dad has some funky arteries and they would of not gone far enough, so this dr came in and did the procedure and put a stint in my dad's main artery, he said it was 99% percent blocked and that he did have a heart attack at home but it did not do any major damage to his heart, he then told us that if we would of waited my dad would of had a major heart attack and would of not been with us today, I want to thank Dr. Atcar for knowing my dad's heart and for coming in to help him, my dad had a wonderful blessing and we knew that he was being watched over and it was not his time to go, he is the ICU as of now and will be moved to a room hopefully tomorrow, I am so thankful for prayer and thankful that my dad is still here with us today, he is the sweetest man you will ever know who loves his family and my mom very much, his children were all there minus my oldest sister who lives in Utah, it was great to have family there and to know how close we are all.. we love you Dad and know that you are still needed here to be with your family....

Monday, January 12, 2009

"Possibly an Addiction"

First it was Lost then 24 and now Prison Break!!! My Mom got all three episodes for Christmas and Boyd and I started the first one Friday night and I might have to say it was a big mistake!! oh my not only is he nice to look at and those eyes, killer I seem to think that this is all there is to do now and can't wait to put in the next disk, I can't believe i sacrifice my sleep to stay up and watch this, but they are so good and yes they have sucked me in to want to finish now to the end.. I recommend this to everyone who would like to save some money on the weekends and pop a little popcorn and some treats and sit and lose yourself to Prison Break!!!! not to mention the 24 has started again and yes i did record it and then Lost next week.. can I not feel to guilty about watching all this if I do some Ensign reading during the day and of course my scriptures will that take the guilt away from having this addiction I think it will, but it has been fun watching and I have my brothers, cousins and my two boys to thank for getting us started... Try it you might like it!!! (ooh that sounded so bad)!!! so I guess if you try to call my house between 7 and 12 I might not answer till were done with this episode.......

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What a Yummy Dinner I must say!!!!!!!

First off I would like to thank Marci for introducing me to this fabulous dish, oh my gosh Marci it was the best and i will be making it again... Then I added a great Spanish Rice dish that my friend Kathy gave me it was so good and so easy to make, Lets just say it was a great dinner and my Family loved it , I will share the Rice recipe with you all and if you want to try the enchiladas then you need to visit my good friend Marci Blog....

Spanish Rice
Saute an onion in a little oil till brown then add 1 1/2 cups of long grain rice and brown, add one can of stewed tomatoes and 1 can of Chicken Broth and sliver some green peppers and add.. bring all to a boil and then simmer till done..(if the rice appears to look a little dry then add a small amount of water or more broth..

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Here "Chickie Chickie"

So for the last Month we have had this Chicken -Rooster -Hen who knows wondering around our house, we have no idea where it came from or who's it is but it seems to like us, so being the kind person that Boyd is he went and got some feed at the local feed barn store and now feeds this chicken on our carport along with the millions of Pigeons that smell the food also. I can tolerate the chicken but hate the pigeons, mainly the mess they leave behind.. so someone told us if we put a bucket on it's side and set an egg in it and set it outside that the chicken (or what ever) will see it and do the same! so if any of you know if that is true let me know, so I guess we can now say we have a pet and it is sort of entertaining......

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It was a wonderful Christmas

These are just a few of some of the events that happen during Christmas Break, First off we had a wonderful Christmas and one that will always be close to my heart, We had a wonderful Adult Christmas Dinner at my Sister's Janene and Ralphs home it was fun to have all mu sisters and brother's there with lots of memories that were shared and especially being able to spend another Christmas with my Parents, Then we had Christmas Breakfast at my Moms and all of her siblings pitched in this year and helped her with the cooking, Lida and I were in charge of the eggs and we well our husband cooked five dozen eggs! we had hash brown, sausage, pancakes and orange juice, then we had the privilege of being invited to go to Rocky Point and to give some of our service to help build homes for some families down there "Families helping Families" Ralph asked if we would like to help with the big party that he will give to all the people that participated in the project and make some of our chimichanga's and cheese crisp of course I would want to do this and we also were able to help with the building of the homes (Boyd and Zac) they had a great time and it is the coolest thing knowing that someone that has been living in next to nothing will have the privilege of having a home of there own. Boyd was not having any calls for interviews so we thought we would go down and help out, instead of being at home and probably driving each other in sane and worrying if the phone would ring, plus he got to do some physical work that was much needed for him to wart of some stress.... so we made 150 Chimi's and 72 cheese crisp, and a big bowl of guacamole and some of his delicious mango salsa.. it was allot of fun and the kids had a great time being there, Thank you Ralph for letting is be there to help.. This is a amazing Family Project and if you want a neat experience with your family i highly suggest you do this one year it is really neat and just seeing all these families work together to get these houses done..

Hallie feeding the seagulls off the balcony

Oscar at cholla Bay collecting shells

Feeding some more seagulls

the gang at Cholla Bay

Hallie holding a Hermit Crab that she found

This is one of our favorite places to eat Anita and Jesus and here are the two Oscar's they share each other's name...

we just thought this was so cool more birds to feed

Making all the Chimi's for the Party...

The Family in Ralph and Janene's Condo

Christmas dinner at Janene's this is my sister Trish, she just got out of the hospital from having a bad case of Valley Fever..we are all glad she is feeling better and is here with us...

My wonderful parents who we are all blessed to have with us, we love you Dad and Mom

My wonderful sisters who I love very much...

Janene's beautiful table

Christmas morning at the Shill's

The cutest grand kids ever....

Christmas breakfast at my Dad and Mom's

And this the best.. My Mom still can ride a bike, I love this picture...

Christmas breakfast

More breakfast pictures....