Friday, February 27, 2009

HighSchool Reunion!!!!

These are my friends from High school....Wednesday we gathered at Tia Rosa's and had lunch, and reminisced with one another of whats been going on with each one of us for the last 30 years, this was allot of fun and we had some good laughs, I don't think we have changed one you..ha okay maybe the hairstyles but thats I hope we can do it again soon and add a few more friends to join us, thanks to Face Book we all got reacquainted with each other.. in the picture is Kathy Jones Amos, Diane Sirrine Taylor, Marci Wells Roberts, Me Christine and Nancy Neilson Crismon.. Thanks girls for letting us all have a great time... and thanks Marci for letting me take this picture off your blog.....

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Happy Birthday Hannah..Your a great Mom and a wonderful daughter with many talents, your patient and loving and its been fun to watch you grow over the years, hope you have a Happy Birthday today!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Oh My" am I glad this Hair is not for Real!

Last night we had our ward "elmwoodstock" 60's-70's party, I might say it was allot of fun and there were so many people that dressed up, i wished my camera didn't crash on me or i would have had allot more pictures, the food was great the decorations were awesome and everyone seemed to be having a great time, those that didn't come missed out! My brother in-law's band played and they were great everyone was dancing and really getting into it, the best part was watching everyone dance moves, and yes I did remember some of mine and I even got Boyd out on the dance floor so that was allot of fun.. If you want to hear a great band and have fun just call Ron..(I'm sure he liked me putting that in here! the music the moves all brought some fun memories back in the 70's for me...i just don't remember anyone wearing the flower pants....might i add that we both won a Pete's fish and chips shirt for me answering the right question and Boyd for what he was wearing not very many people knew who he was, it was so funny... i guess there just use to that bald head of his...

Monday, February 16, 2009

A fun day at the Park

So today we went to the park and let the kids fish and then had a BBQ it was a little chillie but it was allot fun, Oscar caught two fish a blue gill and also a trout he was so excited and now proved to his dad that he can fish and now the two of them can go more often with out interruptions like getting the line all tangle up. Hallie had fun and was patiently waiting for her bite maybe next time she loves to fish though, Hannah and Billy and there family came and Av had a great time running around feeding the ducks, my camera died when i went to go take pictures and I didn't have an extra battery pack that was needed to be charged. It was a fun day and we will most likely be going back more often.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh What Fun We Had!!!!

Today we had our Valentines Party, the kids were so excited and I was trying to be!!lol we made these cute little bags so they could fill them all up with there Valentines Goodies that they got from there little friends and then we sang songs (shhh Hannah) and played Hokie Pokie they had a blast and then for lunch we had Heart Shaped sandwichs with strawberry jam and a red apple and red chips and of course a cupcake with a red squeeze it to wash it all down, now they are napping and now I can go and clean my house, and then I will go to dinner with Boyd at a New Mexican food place on 7th and McDowell i will all let you know if it was worth the drive and how the food was.. what a busy day it was for me, and I will look forward to have a three day weekend...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Because of this culprit (a toothpick) led Oscar to urgent care, Sunday after the super bowl Oscar was playing in the playroom kicking a balloon and happen to kick a toothpick and it landed in his baby toe! well he pulled it out and Boyd looked to see if there was any splinters left in his toe, he pulled a few, put peroxide on it and we thought good to go, little did we know, that we ended up in Urgent Care Tuesday night cause it looked alittle infected and I didn't want to mess with infection!

So this is the BRAVE little guy who sat there while they stuck a needle in his toe, so they could slice it open a little to see if there was any wood left in his toe! they didn't see any, so it led to this

Oscar had to get a BIG dose of Antibiotic right in his Buttocks!!! which led to this

Having to soak his foot FOUR times a day for four days along with taking a oral antibiotic for ten days, and proping it up and stays home from school for two days.. I didn't think a toothpick could do such harm, but the Dr. said our bodies do not take to organic substance like wood and it because of the bacteria that could of been on it, he had a red streak going up his foot that the Dr. showed us which is a sign of infection which is not good, non the less I'm just glad we felt like it should be looked at and that we listened to our feelings of going! They are an awesome urgent care if anyone has a need for after hours they are on Mckellips and Mesa Dr. and is called Southwest Urgent Care! they are very nice and I really like the Dr. there and I would go back in a heart beat!!!! Thank you Dr. Bingham for taking such good care of Oscar...