Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's almost to the end!!!!!!!!

Elder Arnett and Zac decided to make these spears out of this stick and hike up this huge mountain and go on a SNAKE hunt! luckily they did not see or spear any snakes, but had a good time and then both sat there and reflected on the last two years, he said it was a great day...

Zac cutting Pastor meat for Taco's yum he says!

So this is the Van that they rode in to go to the Temple to do the tours and when they arrived the door of the Van fell off....Zac said only in Mexico....

Soon he'll be home!

This week Zac was so lucky to be able to go to the Mexico Temple, they are getting ready to dedicate this Temple so he was able to be there and take people on tours through the Temple, while he was there he saw a familiar bus pull up and a family that he taught when he first got to Mexico was in that bus and the saw Zac and ran over and gave him a BIG HUG! Zac was so excited to see them, they will be going through the Temple to be sealed in December, Zac said it was all worth the Two years to see them and hear the GREAT NEWS!

Elder Shill and Elder Arnette in front of the Mexcio Temple

Just another beautiful picture of the Mexico Temple.

Can you believe this!!!!!!! This is a chart that I started when Zac left I am sure it is very familiar with some of you, when I first started this I thought this is going to take FOREVER to fill these little squares up and it seemed like it would be forever doing, and then now look at it there is about 17 squares left to fill that is so exciting for me and it has been such a great experience for us all to have Zac be on his Mission, he has grown so much along with us, it amazes me how much they mature over two years, I think about when he left and how nervous he was and how much he knew he needed to learn over these next two years, and then once he was gone and then letters started coming I could tell that he was grasping so much of the Gospel and loving every minute of it, I have never heard him complane the whole time he has been out he has loved every minute of his mission and he said he wouldn't trade the last two years for anything, Sometimes I wished that I could of had the privilage of serving a Mission just for all the knowledge of scriptures and where they are to be found in the Book of Morman, We were just challenge this past six month from our Stake President to read the Book of Morman and I did take that challenge to heart and I did finish it a couple of days ago, I really did enjoy it this time and understood allot better this round, I am anxious to open it up again and start all over, maybe this will help me to get over my fear when someone ask me were a certain scripture is, maybe i will be able to tell them instead of asking someone else!!!! I am thankful for Missionaries and the sacrifices that thy make for themselves for two years.. We Love you Elder Shill

Saturday, October 25, 2008

What a fun Surprise!!!!

What a fun surprise for me tonight! We have had a pretty busy day from working in the yard to planting flowers then grocery shopping, Halloween costume shopping and then we a had our Ward trunk or treat party.. So after all the events today and After we had got home there was a knock at our door, and their was a sweet sister in our ward with this bag in her had and she gave me a hug and said that she couldn't help but think of me with all the pink that was in the store so she put alittle bag of treats together for me! We call her on the ball sister in our ward she is a very thoughtful person and has it all together.. some of you might know Becky and if you do she is a get it done person... Thank you Becky for thinking about me today... and then Boyd comes home with a Quart size jar on hot sauce that he got from a lady that was selling it to raise money for Breast Cancer! I am so amazed with all the things that they have in stores now for Breast Cancer awareness, sometimes I have to walk by it and pretend I don't see it, I don't know why I have this reaction, I think it makes me go back to the first time I found out and hope that I don't have to ever go through that again and if I pretend not to see these items in the store then I think I pretend i never had it, But then I have to remind myself how much I have learned from having it and how sometimes trials are good, and we have them for a reason, and how thankful that I am for Family and friends who were always there for me cheering me on and for a husband that stood by my side and for my children to help me and comfort me and for me to know that I will fight this for them and then to be blessed with the cutest grand kids and a full head of hair that came back curlier and thicker, So all this pink in the stores are good and I can say to myself I am one of those survivors... Thank you Becky for giving me such a cute bag field with fun things.... And thank you to a Father in Heaven who gave me this trial and how I have learned many things from it....

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We have a HONOR ROLL in our family!!!!!

I guess I should be honored to do a little bragging for Hallie on behalf of her Dad and Mom and her older siblings! I think they will approve, So pleased to see the first report cards that came out and to see that Hallie did a great job so far this school year, I know she deffently does not get this from her Mother it could be from her Dad but I also know she has some Uncles that are pretty darn smart.. just alittle SHOUT out for her, and want her to know how proud we are of her and how hard she studies and is so good about getting all her work done on her own.... WAY AGO HALLIE!!!!

Keep up the good work!! We love you Hallie girl!!!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

More Pictures of RockyPoint with my Dad and Mom

This was taken on Ralph and Janene's balcony of there Condo that is me behind my Mom the weather was so nice...

This is all of us together minus two of my brother inlaws Trish and Kay's husbands..

All the Grandkids that was able to be there also, thank you Kathyrn for letting me take these pictures off your blog...

Great Time in Rocky Point to Celebrate Dad and Mom's B-day-Anniversery!

Happy Birthday/Anniversary Dad and Mom, I'm so thankful for these two people in my life, who have taught me many things, We had the privilege of having all of Mom and Dad's children in Rocky Point this weekend to celebrate with them their 62 wedding Anniversary, it was a great time and the best was when we sat around in the evening and we all reminisced of when we were all growing up and the example that they had set for us, we laughed and cried and sang (thank goodness the singing did get recorded) it was fun to be around all my sisters and brothers and i hope we can do it again real soon, the weather was perfect and the water was warm and clear, and yes there was a variety of bathing beauties on the beach it was quite the site to see, sorry you all missed it... and sorry there's no pictures!! I love my parents so much and I am so grateful to have them in my life... Love ya Dad and Mom...

Hallie and Oscar on the beautiful beach, as you can see the tide was way out, it was so much fun..

This was a dead crab that Oscar found, he had the best time ever and also was able to touch a baby hammer head shark, I didn't have my camera at the time, but one of the Local's there that rents out Jet Ski's found the shark over by the Riff quite a ways from us, but my thought was if there is a baby then there is a mama somwhere, but he said that it probably got tangled up in the shrimp boats neating and washed to shore, he said it was only alive for about an hour, but it was so cool and it felt like rubber, Oscar wanted to buy it from him and take it home! Ha so sorry.....

And so then the drama happens, yep my camera flipped out and this is what the rest of the weeks pictures looked like I was so thinking this was not cool I had some of the best pictures with my family and just some fun ones on the beach, i guess it is time for a new camera, I was so bummed..

Just some more wonderful pictures, I think that is Lida, oh it just makes me upset....but all and all it was a great time with lots and lots of fun memories.....

Monday, October 20, 2008

More Picture's of Our Missionary!!

This is a Missionary in Zac zone who was leaving to go home, Zac said he will miss him and hope that they will see each other again at there Missionary reunion.

Just another picture of a Good Looking Elder! But maybe he could leave the shades behind for someone else to wear...

This is Elder Shill sitting in the home of a members and Zac was watching her knit and asked if she would show him how.. and she said sure okay so the next picture is what Zac learned how to do and was so proud of himself he said he made two for him and one for vance.. its a camo beenie he said so when he goes hunting he will have something to keep his head warm.... i don't think it will keep his head warm! what do you think... i think there are one to many big holes, he said it was fun to learn and it gave him something to do in the evenings when they were done teaching, i think he is getting alittle trunkie to come home and thought this would take his mind off of it....

I think it looks pretty darn good..... what a go Elder Shill.....

Couple of Elders in his zone, I think the one on the end is Elder Arenette from Mesa....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Yummy Fry Bread

We meet the nicest people these last few days, they own a restaurant called Cafe Laguna on Power road, I want you to go to there web site and see their YUMMY food it looks so delious! We are going to go this weekend, just thought I would put you all in the mood for some Fry Bread.. go to oh and did i mention that they bought our Tent Trailer we will miss it we have had it for twelve years and it has some great memories attached to it... sorry to have made your hunger temps get hungrier!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Got to go into the Big City of Mexico!

Last week Elder Shill was able to go into the big City of Mexico! These are some of the pictures that he was able to take, along with Alielieh getting baptised.. these are the pictures his Zone that always played futbal with each other, his District and there last time that they were all with each other, in front of the Bellas Arts a big Art Museum in Mexico, in front of the Cathedral a HUGE Catholic Church and of course had to get a picture of Zac in front of the Holly Water! and then going to the Mexican Zoo, he had a great time and next week he will get to go visit all the pyramids, he can't wait not to much longer and he will be flying home! can't Wait!!!!

This is what it's all about!

So I was the lucky Grandma and was able to watch Vance for Camie and Willie while they working Friday and Saturday, what a fun time we had and what a great baby Vance is, he loved his bath time and rub down and Oscar had fun helping and watching the whole time.. Thanks Willie and Camie for letting us have this cute little boy on Fri and Sat... we might have to tell Grandma Sevey that she needs to go out of town more often!

Friday, October 3, 2008


This is so exciting for me! I bought a box of Peaches and they were the best, knowing that we could not possibly eat them all I thought it would be fun for me to learn how to make JAM! So a good friend of mine Kathy McNeil came over and taught me how to do it, it was the easiest thing ever to do I am alittle ashamed that I have taken so long in my life to learn how to make this simple pleasure, they turned out so yummy and pretty not to mention that it past the taste test with Mr Boyd, I guess you could call me a late learner, but I think i will be doing this often now, I will share with you this recipe but for all you other talented Jam makers you probably already know it!
You start out with peeling the peaches first and then you put them in the blender until you have four cups of blended peaches, then you pour that into a pan on the stove and add two cups of sugar and stir and then once it starts to boil you continue stirring for 20 min. after your done doing that then you take the flavor of jello that you want to add to it, these were my flavors, tropical fruit, red raspberry, strawberry, orange and then i thought cherry peach would be interesting.. so you add one container of jello stir and then pour into your jars, on batch will fill two pint jars... boil the flat part of the lid and then put both lids together and twist them onto the jar... so easy and fun and there is no freezing or nothing then just put them on your shelf and enjoy later.... Thank you Kathy for showing me how to finally make Jam.....