Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas morning at the Shill's

The Baker family. Wasn't quite sure of the shirt, I think it was to early in the morning and Billy didn't see what he was putting on, or he was getting ready for New Years Eve!! (NOT) Grandpa Prince asked him if that was his favorite drink..lol got to love my Dad..

Uncle Willie holding Avree getting in some practice for when he has his own..
Camie and Oscar loving Christmas morning together..
Dad and Hallie anxiously waiting to talk to Elder Shill
Oscar and his stash~!!


Chris Shill said...

Uh.... let me explain the shirt.. originally it was his halloween costume. however he worked late and didn't get to wear it, so he is making up for it i guess and tries to sneek it on every once in a while and it was so early Christmas morning I didn't even realize he had it on.. ha oh well I think it's funny to see people's face's when they see it.

Chris Shill said...

ah you signed in under my name, caught you this time.. Hannah we all know its his favorite shirt! that and his Christian one! lol..i'm just glad Avree can't read yet..